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  • stick_em_up_ent stick_em_up_ent Jun 23, 2012 11:40 AM Flag

    I'm long and want $17.44, but what scares me is


    Everyone is so sure this will SOAR after the approval. (if it gets approved)

    What the herd thinks will happen, seldom ever does. Look at history.

    Wall st knows what your price expectations are. They will simply sit on the bid/ask with a few hundred million to make it look like its not going to move, force you to panic and sell immediately, then scoop up your shares like ice cream.

    Since I've been following this board, I've seen maybe 2 OR 3 posts that provide an in depth analysis on where shares could be after approval or rejection based on fundamental and technical analysis.

    The rest of you with your $50 and above calls must be ingesting bath salts.

    And to the people who bought this at $1-$2, congratulations, but I'd LOVE to see your other picks and your performance year over year. In hindsight, I think part of your success with ARNA was luck. We all get lucky sometimes.

    I hope we see $17+ after approval.

    Best of luck to all longs.

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    • And, it's illegal. We'll see if the SEC investigates. Or explains why an investigation is not warranted.

    • Anyone who keeps up with biotech has had 2 to 3 years to learn about this company and prepare for their "lucky" moment.

      The true "luck" involved here would be surviving the biotech market over the past two years with enough funds to reach this moment. It's been brutal for most.

    • Hi stick...i have owned arna for a few years...watched how it was massacred & manipulated at that adcom panel by coleman..& also in the past...

      Jmo but this game is very very tricky..but it certainly WAS NOT luck that got us back to the adcom panel again & they voted overwhelmingly for was also NOT LUCK many people had many many months to BUY back in under 2 dollars this year.. IF THEY BELIEVED IN THE DRUG....& had plenty of time to do so..

      I bought more at the end of march...

      sold half after the adcom & am keeping the rest of my chips on the table...

      16.00-18.00 EASY AFTER THE APPROVAL..


    • stick 'em--you're getting a little annoying. How about if you go do something productive and leave us CA "liberals" alone!

    • kew1951 Jun 23, 2012 6:22 PM Flag

      Sounds reasonable. I'd sell at $17. after approval.

    • Not sure why these New Yorkers have to be so obnoxious and bashful all the time.

      If you are in options and made money on ARNA good for you. So why are you angry now and envious of some longs who bought in a while back and are sitting on or realized a good gain.

      And can you explain what option appreciates 500% when the stock only appreciates 100%. I don't know how that works?

      Jezuz these idiots seem to come out of the woodwork out of nowhere when a stock makes a move to bash those who have been faithful to the company.

      Take your drivel somewhere else and STICKT IT UP where the sun don't shine

    • You sound as if you know a lot about bath salts. That's most likely your problem. Clean up and get real.

    • You are exactly right. I'll admit that I've invested in a couple of these stocks, where everyone is counting their money before the dealings done. And each time all the longs are dumbfounded when the "can't miss" somehow misses. My huge successes have been in stocks where the message boards are quiet, where thoughtful, analytical discussions take place. I'm long ARNA - in it much much earlier than any of you who think holding a stock a month or two is an eternity. But based on my past experiences, I won't be shocked if things don't pan out quite like many of you fortune tellers have predicted. I sold a call against half my shares. Dumb? Time will tell, but to make money, you usually need to move opposite of the herd.

      • 2 Replies to rakarp
      • Smart investors moved opposite the herd when they loaded up in the low 1s and 2s.

        Long investors moved opposite the herd when they held their shares, loaded and averaged down after the BS adcomm in 2010.

        Smart investors moved opposite the herd when we loaded up when wall street articles, AF screamed sell, sell , sell and said ARNA had no chance.

        Smart investors went against the herd held through 5/10 adcomm when shorties and bashers screamed rat rumors, heart issues, corruption.

        Smart investors went against the herd and held strong when FUD screamed REMS and delay.

        Smart retail investors went against the herd and betted on ARNA and it's science whereas Wall Street bet on the wrong horse in VVUS.

        I dont know what herd you're talking about.

    • I don't even own this stock and am throwing the BS flag on you. You are not long on this stock by any stretch of the imagination. You will be selling for a quick buck if you even own it at all. This stock is worth far more than you think, and its a shame I don't still own it. It is far better to be lucky than smart. I owned this stock 3 years ago doing my dd untill the FDA screwed the share holders in a bulgus vote driving it so far down I found myself surrounded by demons in hell. I'd rather be lucky!

    • Teeny weeny soft basher. Go back to the sewer you crawled from.

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