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  • truthchecked1 truthchecked1 Jul 17, 2012 8:52 AM Flag

    Adam Feuerstein's Weak Defense of Shorts

    The Biotech Short Seller article by AF today is so weak and poorly researched that he should be embarrassed. He has one reference to an anonymous source. His source says nothing except he knows that longs do not like him. Wow that's a real revelation.

    His informant states " "What troubles me, however, is the growing propensity for less confident long-only investors to attack the messenger -- short sellers like me -- instead of rigorously debating the short thesis."

    No dude, thats not the issue. The issues longs have are:
    1. Why are there still 46 million shares short ARNA (24% of the float) after the approval process? Anyone with a brain would expect short interest to decline on success, not stay the same and even increase.
    2. Where do these short MMs get their shares? How do you borrow shares of a hot stock? After they sell the shares short, who delivers the pledged shares? How do I know a shorts shares are not SNDs.?
    3. How many short hedge funds are using the same shares to trade back and forth undervalued.

    There is noting wrong with shorting stocks, thats not the complaint. The complaint is that the short funds are notorious for fraud. Now on top of it they trade phantom shares in micro-seconds with the high frequency traders who have added another dimension in stock manipulation.

    Give us a break Adam. My teenagers would not even be fooled by that crap you think is an article. Go do your homework and stop insulting our intelligence.

    Real ARNA shareholders have every right to take you to task, based on your own track record and this mop-up job did nothing to change it.

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