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  • troublesacomin troublesacomin Aug 3, 2012 4:38 PM Flag

    Oooh Lordy Ohhh Lordy Iz Ascared

    Oh but the fundamentals haven’t changed and somebody is still buying shares. you ppl concerned with the price should have invested in kellog. This is a biostock, we will have swings. Let it trade like it doesn’t have an fda approved drug with huge potential, im looking at picking up more shares or a small amount of calls. Im sick of seeing “I’m Out”, you ppl were never in, you were just trading and gambling. only problem is, the hand isn’t over unless you do something silly-close out the position.

    You ppl have the winning hand but are gonna fold to a huge bluff with these market movers and ppl shorting the stock. You ppl are looking for guidance or news or something and for someone to hold your hand when everything has been said and done that can be done for now. management got this drug approved and moved the stock from a buck and change to over 13 in a few months. how many shares has the ceo sold? Take a guess? Hes told you where the stock is going without saying a word but nobody listens. The institutions have told you where its going also, moving from around 25% to 31% and still adding. if you had done enough research in arna to justify putting money into it you would know what you have and not worrying.

    I hate looking at these emotional rants, especially when the company’s fundamentals haven’t changed. Oooh its down .15 oooh lordy, its up 50 cents omg, its down .65, just stop it, stop your trading, gambling nonsense. Just stop the madness, if you cant handle the downturn you bought too much and/or don’t know enough about the company to have confidence in your shares, fix it. Learn more about arna and trim the position but don’t sell it all and rant “I had to sell”. If you got calls, good luck next time trying to predict short-term market prices.

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