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  • jeremiahthirtythreeone jeremiahthirtythreeone Aug 9, 2012 10:55 PM Flag

    What is wrong with everyone

    I have been in this stock now for three years. We have gone through the battlefield since the announcement of the CRL. Everytime Arena management discussed progress with the CRL issues there was always negativity, ie 'the FDA recommended 12 month proloactin study, so Arena better do it' but Arena's response was that it was recommended that they do and therefore chose to only address what was recommended. The bashers and journalists jumped all over this. This continued with every issue that they addressed. But management remained steadfast on their responsibilities and got the approval that they so quietly and diligently worked towards. All the time they never defended themselves because they knew what they were doing. And they attained the goal and the prize of FDA approval.

    Now we see the same old naysayers and bashers. There is no end to it on this board. I spend as little time as possible because of all the speculation and nonsense that is spewed out every 2 minutes. I am focused on what Arena managment is doing and just as they set themselves on the goal of obtaining FDA approval they are committed and working diligently to get Belviq to market. And this is my point.

    It is not a matter IF they will get DEA labelling, they WILL.
    It is not a matter IF they will get EMEA approval, they WILL.
    It is not a matter IF they will get a partnership or a buyer, they WILL.
    It is not a matter IF they will be successful, they WILL be.

    I am already planning some studies in other uses for Belviq - prevention of gestational diabetes, treatment of infertility,anovulation, and abnormal uterine bleeding in obese women. I am sure there will be studies performed in the future in the prevention of various cancers, ie endometrial cancer and other cancers that have been associated with obesity.

    And they will be the primary player in a multibillion dollar market. It will not matter if Qysemia will get to market first or later, Belviq will be the treatment of choice with Qysemia as a second line treatment if Belviq does not get combined with that amphetamine.

    The difference is that the uncertainty that was present for the two years prior to approval is no longer present. They will accomplish all the binary events that are anticipated. Whether it is 1 month or 6 months it is going to happen. There is no UNCERTAINTY - they are going to happen.

    I will add a speculative thought though - if Arena wanted to get even with all the journalists and bashers and wall street crooks wouldn't it be nice if they surprised them all with buyout as they manipulate the stock in this dead period. JUST A THOUGHT!!!

    The science did prevail and now the scientists will do the same. It's only a matter of time - and not that much time.

    The greatest accomplishment was approval with a very favorable prescribing label the rest is icing on the cake and we will finally have the treatment that is so desperately needed in this very diabetic and obese society.


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