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  • mrmoravia mrmoravia Aug 19, 2012 1:08 PM Flag

    CRAMER not against U!! He Tried to tell you!!

    This time when those belviq prescription reports come out-- which you will not have access to (unless u pay)--and they are bad--he's not going to say a word about it. you wont find out till it's buried in 10q. while this is happening, stock will be crashing and u areniacs will still be blaming cramer. this time he's going to let u guys roast.

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    • ooh yeah cramer is always dead on!!! i remember his pick on WHR right before XMAS. i bought it at $55 a few weeks before and was considering to buy more at 45. they come out with earnings, that "tv personality" said i dont want to touch it. now WHR just raised the div 2 quarters previously and hadn't traded below 50 since 1992/93 except for mar2009 and "that tv personality said dont even take a shot at a well known company giving out a 4% dividend. At the end of january, 1 month later WHR was trading over $68. So if he cant get a well known company like WHR right how do you expect him to get a smaller bio company that no one knows the full potential is worth because the drug hasnt even hit the market and no one knows what its pipeline can turn into? he's just a man with an opinion, please stop bobbing on him or anybody else's pump or bash opinion of arna. we will all have a better idea of whats arna's near term future will be in a few months. there isnt any news out to change arna's fundamentals but ppl are ranting 1 way or another, its all bs. nor do i want to hear well the eu and switz approvals will be worth this and that. no, no, no, again we dont know until product launch so please stop the madness. so buy arna, short it, do whatever but stop with that "tv personality" for the love of god hes only a man. and wait til some real info comes out rather than daily price fluxes to write arna's fate.

    • Cramer has broke his own rule by
      becoming emotionally involved with Arena.
      He is a self admitted crook back in HFs
      management days.

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