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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Nov 1, 2012 7:28 PM Flag

    Get ready for the dem election spin!

    Lets say tomorrows jobs report is better than the last one again reducing unemployment to say even 7%. That does not alter one bit the FACT that Obamacare does not kick in until 2014 and as Justice Roberts confirmed it's a MASSIVE TAX!! That will kill so many more jobs it's mind boggling and if Obama wins he will take it as a mandate to further us down the raod to serfdom. If there is any short term gain in unemployment tomorrow or positive trending of the markets it is simply because business hopes and believes we only have 5 more days of Obama. The only CHANCE we have is Romney at this juncture. Is he the perfect candidate for the overall tasks at hand? Probably not but he's a great first step to reigning in this out of control Fed deficit spending. And always remember dems have been in control most over the last 100 years and handed us EVERY failed system and entitlement program of today. Any talk of economic recovery by dems after ramming through the MASSIVE HEALTHCARE WELFARE BILL TAX using the trick 51% BUDGET RECONCILIATION PROCESS WITH REPUBS LITERALLY LOCKED OUT OF THE ROOM plus MORE DEBT THAN ALL PRIOR PRESIDENTS COMBINED IN 4 SHORT YEARS and more than both Bush terms combined including the costs of the war that dems signed onto when Bush got Congressional approval (unlike King Obama as he takes it to Lybya and beyond with nothing but his self ordained greatness!) And don't forget the absolute corruption of Benghazi that the Lame Stream MSM co-arm of the dem party has basically swept under the rug to cover for their King Obama!

    What this is truly about is 100 years of primary democrat party failed control for which their chickens indeed have come home to roost and they spent all our money (SS/Medicare, income taxes etc..) on welfare to lock in democrat votes moving forward. 1913 dem Wilson Federal Reserve Bank CREATURE that has debt leveraged our currency to zero intrinsic value, 1933 dem FDR failed SS Ponzi that was only to cost $.03 per pay, 1964 dem LBJ failed Medicare Ponzi now completely broke necessitating socialized medicine with the death panels to preclude costly care for the boomers now retiring in mass and being told all the money taken from them was squandered on welfare, and now Obama under dem Pelosi Congress more debt increase than all prior Presidents combined in still less than 4 years.

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    • Go get a life, this is for people that invest their hard earned money and don't need politcal crap from someone with his head up his #$%$.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • PLEASE , take your political opinions to another board!!

    • I support the tax increase . It will require people to pay what they can afford instead of running up bills at the emergency room .Good Republican idea. Obama was smart enough to take it and run

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      • And you're probably DUMB enough to also believe 26 year olds are still children. Why don't you tell your weak kneed dem adult kiddies about Ben Franklin who left home at 14 and walked all the way to Philly to work at his Uncle's print shop never seeing his mummy and da da again. Wow you dems is not only NAIVE BUT DUMB! That's why we are here with a community organizer at $16 trillion debt ready to crumble and you goofs have your hands out wanting MORE MORE MORE FREE R_U_B_B_E__R_S for all SO DEMS CAN F_L_U_C_K the flock! DUMBOS!!! Only moment of truth was choice of J_A_C_K_A__S__S as party symbol! Now come on dumbo cipher for us and use your fingers like Obama Jethrow Bodine and tell us how that $16 trillion truly isn't nothing and we can just give away more and more without ever paying the piper. I bet your mummy and da da are as DUMB as you. Why don't you go watch some Tina Bird Brain Fey SNL re-runs with your 26 year old kiddies! HA! DUMB!!! YOU DESERVE 4 MORE YEARS OF OBAMA!

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