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  • investortitan investortitan Dec 3, 2012 10:27 PM Flag

    Why VVUS might be short-lived

    Do you remember Vioxx? Every new prescription medication after receiving FDA approval has to go through a test period referred to as phase 4 trials. Once the drug after approval is prescribed out, doctors have to periodically follow-up with there patients and keep close tabs for any irregular reactions or bad side affects. If too many patients in phase 4 are having to many bad side affects than the FDA can quickly pull the drug off the market. I certainly do not see this as being an issue for Arena as compared to VVUS. The biggest issues as far as side affects that the prescribing doctors will be looking for are cardiovascular side affects. So right now VVUS is actually in phase 4. If you do not agree with me, look it up.

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    • There's enough room for both weight-loss drugs in the U.S, the key is getting countries OUTSIDE the U.S.

    • daddy_caddy_escalade_esv daddy_caddy_escalade_esv Dec 3, 2012 11:01 PM Flag

      I was on Qsymia for a month and a half (the half month was on the starter dose, then one month regular strength) and had no real side effects except for dry mouth. My blood pressure dropped from the top of normal range to smack in the middle. Others in my Doctors practice have had similar results. So the difference between what IS and what MIGHT BE is very large. That isn't to say that people won't pass on Qsymia based on fear (e.g. Pregnant women would fear the potential for a birth defect even if the chances were small), but there is nothing that I know of as a patient that would warrant anything close to a FDA recall/pull.

      I did monitor my weight, pulse, and BP and kept a daily weight log to measure progress.

      So Qsymia worked for me, helped me achieve my weight loss goals quickly, and I'm now off of it and so far the weight has stayed off.

      I'm sure there will be success stories for ARNA and OREX too once they hit the market, I just went for the one that offered me the highest effective weight loss (well, the others aren't available to me, but if they were all three on the market I would still opt for the most effective treatment).

      In fairness though, I have to think at anyone with a history of heart problems would opt for something other than Qsymia. We have heart issues in my family, but only once we hit elderly status (parents, grandparents). So it wasn't an issue for me.

      As an investment though, if I could rewind time, I would have bought ARNA last January over pretty much any other stock.

      Now, what is taking the DEA so long anyway? Patients need choices then the market will decide a real winner.

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