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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Dec 27, 2012 4:11 PM Flag

    Washington crosses the Delaware-Obama cuts Hawaii vacation short HA!

    Give me a break! Washington not only crossed the Delaware but in freezing, blizzard conditions to win our freedom:

    It was decided that the Continental Army would cross the Delaware River on Christmas night and surprise the Hessians before dawn. At about 4 p.m. that evening, a terrible winter storm blew up with hurricane force winds, snow, sleet, and hail. What they didn't know was that the Hessians had been up for 3 days with little sleep due to their spies telling them there would be an attach on them made by American forces. When the Hessians became aware of the howling storm in the brutal cold, they called off their predawn River patrol because they never thought an attack would happen on such a stormy night. Exhausted from lack of sleep, the Hessians relaxed for the first time in 8 days

    Now we have this big spending b_af_oon Obama cutting short his Hawaii vacation. Wow what a tough rugged guy! HA! I hope she goes over the cliff and real hard for nobody deserves to be on the throne more than a dem after 100 years of primray dem party failed control and nobody more than the biggest spender Hawaii Five O - Bama!!!

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    • You and your kind are disappearing further and further into America's rear view mirror. Your are history...and I love it.

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    • Take your political opinions to another board!! Thank you for the nice history narrative. As far as your name calling of the President, take that to another board also!!

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      • You dems just seem to refuse taking note of the last 100 years of primary failed dem control. Take note of how often daily political commentary relates the failed policies of dems: Federal Reserve Bank, SS/Medicare, welfare (i.e. LBJ and the less than Great Society) and now looming on the scene Hawaii Five O Bama healthcare welfare bill coming full force 2014. Why don't you pull off SNL/Tina Bird Brain Fey for a couple of hours and study up on how the dem Federal Reserve Bank was designed to function. Try reading Secrets of the Temple as a starter. Then you will learn the criminal minded dem party intentionaly established the Fed to debt leverage our currency and steal all our wealth through the secret tax of inflation. And what does the Federal Reserve Bank CREATURE need to function MORE AND MORE DEBT which the dems just keep feeding the beast and you blind lot of dem D_U_M_B_O_S keep singing their praises. Come on now dem boys and girlies cipher for us!!!!

    • Republican extremists controlled the house for 16 of last 20 years. Have you ever tried to talk to talk sense to a group of boarderline, bipolar, or mentally ill people. Obama will have a tough time trying to talk sense to the House where the only thing that matters is that the rich don't have to pay tax rates that will still be better than they paid during George I's reign. Now, a real change for the better would be returning to the rates under Ike when the economy was booming!

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      • The Ike economy was booming because the massive WWII had just concluded in which Ike played a huge role. Don't worry with such ineffective leadership as Hawaii Five O Bama the next big war is likely right aournd the corner. Check those facts too most of the big really costly wars were started by dems including the Kennedy/LBJ Viet Nam which Nixon finally ended.

      • Please no politics particularly responding to omni1tsd, it is a waste of time, we need to keep our Arena board clear of politics, we have really fine experts on investing this market and I do not wish to lose them because of politics and "posting wars"!

      • Hey D_U_M_B_O dem compare that to the last 100 years of failed dem party primary control handing us EVERY failed system and entitlement of today: 1913 dem Wilson Federal Reserve Bank CREATURE that has now debt leveraged our currency to zero intrinsic value, 1933 dem FDR failed SS ponzi, 1964 dem LBJ failed Medicare Ponzi plus failed Great Society welfare machine handing us 47% on the dole, and now dem Obama with dem Pelosi Congress more debt increase in 4 years than all prior Presidents combined and Obama healthcare welfare bill "TAX" yet ot kick in 2014. Wow you must try real hard to be so S_T_U_P_I_D! Come on dem boys and girls cipher for us and tell us about that BOY CLINTON surplus when the National Debt was then 5.6 trillion. But then that was the Newt Repub Congress anyway and any grade school kiddie (now defined as age 26 by Hawaii Five O Bama) knows the Congress controls the purse strings. It's only because of dem D_U_N_C_E_S that we find ourselves here with a community organizer as POTUS whom has been ran shod over by Pelosi and Reid the leftist most wing of the dem party. Come on now boy cipher for Uncle Jed!

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