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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Dec 30, 2012 7:02 PM Flag

    This is how D_U_M_B dems truly are "They forget that the repubs blew Clintons Surplus"

    Hey D_U_M_B_O dem check the record and it was the Newt lead repub Congress that took BOY CLINTON kicking and screaming to the woodshed daily unitl BOY did what he was told. Any grade school kiddie (now defined by Hawaii Five O Bama as 26 years of age) knows Congress controls the purse strings just as it was the Pelosi dem Congress that lead the Obama MORE DEBT INCREASE IN ONE TERM THAN ALL PRIOR PRESIDENTS COMBINED. Now pull off of the Jon Stewart/SNL Tina Bird Brain Fey re-runs for a few hours and study the real facts. Dems have been in primary control over the last 100 years and have handed us EVERY failed system and program beings spoken about today: 1913 dem Wislon Federal Reserve Bank that has debt leveraged our currency to ZERO intrinsic value, 1933 dem FDR failed SS ponzi, 1964 dem LBJ failed Medicare ponzi plus failed Great Society welfare machine handing us the 47% plus the Kennedy/LBJ Vietnam debacle costing a huge amount financially and 58,000 US soldiers lives (why does Lame Stream MSM always talk about allt he Iraq deaths 4,900 total yet never wants to compare to the dem Vietnam 58,000?) and now Obama under the Pelosi dem Congress MORE DEBT THAN ALL EVER! And why do these dems want so much debt? Simple that is what their Federal Reserve Bank was designed to function upon and that is why the dems always loyally feed it a great massive amount of new debt. What a ridiculous plan and only conceivable in the minds of mindless dems. We need a new system that functions on savings not debt. So come on dem boys and girlies cipher for us and tell us all about that BOY CLINTON surplus which in reality was not a suplus at all with the National Debt then at $5.6 trillion. Only D_U_M_B_O dems would call that a surplus. Test it yourselves. Go down to your local bank and tell them you have $5 million annual profit, a budget surplus of $20 million and $80 million in cumulative debt. See how quickly they laugh you out of the bank and remember you can't print money to make it all seem viable like the dems Federal Reserve just keeps on doing. Hawaii Five O Bama is a joke talking about concession when he has put zip in cuts on the table. Praying republcrats will find the backbone to let her go off the cliff tomorrow. Hawaii Five O Bama deserves to be there.

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    • dingy harry gonna take care of it

    • Also, Clinton never really balanced the budget as the Dems like to claim. He stole from the social security fund's surplus to do it and replaced the funds he took with a fat IOU that a bankrupted fed will never be able to pay back.

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    • Your politics have a lot in common with VCRs, 8-Track Players, Rotary Dial Telephones and Dinosaurs. America is moving forward and you and those like you are getting smaller and smaller in the country's rear view mirror. Like the majority of American voters are doing to your politics, I'm going to officially "Ignore" you.

      PS: 332-206. Tissue?

      PSS: You should stick with the topic of discussion, which is ARNA.

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      • 2 Replies to jvscalendar
      • You're right on that 332-206 also. Indeed Hawaii Five O Bama is a stench but far beyond the need for tissue. I do appreciate the analogy however as each time I wipe that stenching stinking brown from my h_i_n_e_y I am reminded of Hawaii Five O Bama!

      • Sorry sir but hopefully the repubs resisting the Obama deal will hold fast and let her go off the cliff. That's the beauty of divided government and check the facts Obama did not win a mandate and does not have the sales skills of a Reagan who did effectively work accross the aisle. Hawaii Five O Bama is the most divisive President we've ever had and I believe the repubs in Congress resisting him should and will hold fast as that is why their constituents voted them in. If Hawaii Five O Bama were truly as powerful as you less than intellects believe he would have won said mandate but he did not and far far from it. Indeed he's a smoodger and absolutely nothing he says or does makes any sense as witnessed by his plea for cooperation and concession now after he and the dems rammed through the healthcare bill with republicrats literally locked out of the room. That is not cooperation and concession but blatant corrupt Chicago politics at its worst. The Benghazi slaughter will continue to play big as it should unless the republicrats fold but citizens want answers. If this is your new 'moving on' form of politics I think you have another massive wakeup call coming sooner or later. Now I hope tomorrow will be a glorious day with the US going off the cliff for unlike Howard Dean I think the blame will fall back on Hawaii Five O Bama much quicker than dems beleive. And indeed he deserves better than any dem ever to be on the throne!

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