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  • jdolby32 jdolby32 Feb 12, 2013 6:05 PM Flag

    Looks as though they're going down after the 8's by Friday.

    Wiping out all the Feb. calls making them worthless. Nothing standing in the way. Volume was
    about 1/3 of the normal average today. Trying to pry the last remaining shares from the weaker longs.
    Just remember Blackrock, Fidelity, and some other heavy hitters put their money where their mouth is. These guys see the landscape from a entirely different perspective than the average retail investor, and have cadre's of staff helping them make educated choices. DEA is the only catalyst that matters for now, and no one knows when that's going to materialize. The board will continue to be overrun with these mercenaries and their propaganda machines until something is released. Speed bumps for the next week or so. JMO

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    • I think you're right. I'm holding, as always, but I think we'll see $7.80 before we see $9.00. Unfortunately, with nothing happening soon enough after the EMA delay, a low volume beat down could have been anticipated, but it has been worse than I thought. I have another buy threshold, but we're not close to that share price yet.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • With the low volume for couple weeks now, shares available to short, major catalysts still weeks away, MMs seem to have their way to drag pps down during second half of trading sessions almost everyday. It's hard to fight these crooks and the best thing to do is play along with their game and buy small lots at a time till we get closer to launch date in march. Yes, it's possible we see 8 or even sub 8 leading to friday especially that 8.40 support is about to give way tomorrow. But then again, anything can happen and we could bounce off this level. Nobody knows for sure, but adding on dips sounds like a cliche but that's the way to "win" with these MMs, hedgies and crooks.

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