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  • bantajoey_sr bantajoey_sr Feb 14, 2013 7:58 PM Flag

    bearofbleecker: 20 posts spannig 8 hours today (alone)....but NO interest in ARAN....

    he's just here to warn you

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    • hedge_risk Feb 15, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

      Why does anyone have to sell? Just hedge .... stay in the game, buy some insurance or short against the box, unwind the hedge when you "feel" *cough* *cough* the time is right and move on. Why does everyone have to make managing risk so complicated? Does this board collectively think you have to buy and sell to manage risk?

    • do we know of any other boards he spends his day on warning "us" to be cautious as he knows the stock is not all it's cracked up to be? did a brief search of his posting history and seems this is the only one that he uses that name on the past few months

    • He's yet another lonely concern troll on ignore.

    • Well, "red900901" had 52 posts yesterday before I stopped counting and I didn't hear any complaints. And most of his were of the "Hee Hoo!: and "bump" variety. I don't see why the issue of whether I have a position in ARNA is important. I'm certainly not naive enough to believe that anything I might post would affect the price of the stock. I do hope that I could make some of those who have bet their financial future on this stock stop and consider the possiiblity that there may be some risk in that position. I have been fairly consistent on this message since the stock was trading in the 10.50 area over a month ago. Since then, these folks have lost about 20% of their investment and, assuming that they were all in the stock at $2, about 25% of their profits. Of course, many of those who owned the calls have lost a great deal more than that. Have I done these people a disservice?

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      • dont_delay_indict_now dont_delay_indict_now Feb 15, 2013 12:01 AM Flag

        so after ARNA blasts off, are you going to compensate those you misguided with your "generosity"? You know, the ones you cost thousands... tens of thousands... ?? Didn't think so. Good news is that we are all adults here, so you don't have to worry about OUR decisions. And red posting 50 some-odd times, why do you care? its an ARNA message board. A place to talk about ARNA. If you came on here and said "i'm short ARNA" and here is why, I'd respect the hell out of you. But you are nothing but a tool. Trying to portray yourself as some kind, billionaire investor that is never WRONG and see's the poor lambs being led to slaughter. I'm guessing you are either short.. which is fine. that is your decision. I think you'd be better off on the other side of the trade. Or you bought the shares I sold at 13.50 and have the patience of a gold fish and want ever to fail miserably like you have.

      • assumptions, assumptions

        what about those who bought and sold the Calls on their way up?

        what about those who have not sold, have they actually lost money?

      • You forgot about that time in January when you told everyone to sell their calls and they went up 300% the next 10 days. So helpful....

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