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  • diejour_44 diejour_44 Feb 15, 2013 4:03 PM Flag


    Suck it henry...the only problem i have is it going to be red or new bmw....

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    • The only thing you are making here is methane,if you are doing so good with ARNA you wouldn't even bother to post,no,I think you are WAY in the hole and terrified you'll loose what's left of your trapped short position.

    • the funny thing is that those of us long this stock since before FDA approval have made ~3x the max amount you could have made and yet you insist on telling us how well you've done. You may be able to afford that BMW but I'm looking at an Aston Martin and a Sunseeker boat to go with it. So stop crowing about money you make as many people here have made so much more

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      • He didnt say a new BMW...I'm guessing this is a 26 year old HF wanna be and he has made about $ to him that might be a lot of money. Like you I have been in before FDA, and have bought and sold 5 times... this has been a great stock for longs,,,I love the games they try to play, cuz once you figure them out you can make a ton. Shorting this would not be the way I go, as I have made way more this way than the shorts could possibly have made, unless this thing takes a serious dive...which would be almsot impossible right now...a year from now if there are no sales then perhaps. But for now, almost impossible.... So, Diejour, go enjoy your new 2001 BMW. I wll go have a cigar now in my new cigar room I had built last month thanks to Arna.....BTW, it sucks that I had to pay so much in taxes this year, but Oh well...Short term gains taxes suck...

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