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  • omni1tsd omni1tsd Feb 21, 2013 7:42 PM Flag

    Sick to death

    Sick to death of the democrats bemoaning and belly aching about coming doomstay. This is the same lot of thieves that set this all in motion over the last 100 years and are currently presided over by a traitor POTUS that disdains the true USA way of life and wants to destroy it. Every day the dems are on TV telling us how bad $82 billion of cuts will be in this now $16.7 trillion cumulative debt dem party mess. It's way past time for some serious cutting now a peasely $82 billion. Always remember as you watch these lying deceitful dems as they accuse everyone else of what they've done that it all belongs to them (including the sequester that dem Bob Woodward confirms came out of the White House.) 1913 dem Wilson Federal Reserve Bank that has debt leveraged our currency to zero intrinsic value, 1933 dem FDR failed SS ponzi, 1964 dem LBJ failed SS ponzi, failed Great Society welfare machine handing us the 47% plus that horrific Vietnam War for which we are still in debt and costing 58,000 US lives, and now Obama under the dem Pelosi Congress $6.2 trillion new debt in the first term without even including the massive Obama healthcare welfare bill "TAX" coming to us in 2014. Wow dems why don't you open your eyes just a bit and stop buying into this nonsense.

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