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  • yassen_gregorivich yassen_gregorivich Feb 28, 2013 6:00 AM Flag

    Obama's sequester set to cause a train wreck

    Obama's sequester, that HE came up with 2 years ago, is set to cause a financial train wreck.

    Now Obama is acting like it wasn't his idea at all.

    Another flip flop.

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    • It's kind of silly to try to credit/blame anyone for something that was intended as the "or else" portion of a plan, not the plan itself.
      Having said that, I'm sure you've seen Speaker Boehner's Power Point presentation from August 2011 where he proudly takes credit for the concept of sequester and states that he is 98% sure he can get this put in place.
      Of course, Speaker Boehner also only intended it as the threatening result of inaction, not as a strategy unto itself.
      Whoever came up with it isn't important except as a partisan flag to wave. Our focus is to see that this last piece of bad business is nullified by coming to terms on genuine budget cuts and putting a healthy plan in place.

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    • If you call 2.4% a train wreck, then you must think a tornado is the end of the world. I guess you do not realize that must of the so-called cuts is is about have this year and the other half next year. At this time, Obama is spending over $200 billion in Iraq every year for private contractor costs. The US is not out of Iraq. The White House could cut $750 billion from spending in the Middle East and Africa. That figure does not include the total costs for military spending. Obama continues to lie and deceive the American people.

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