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  • fedupwithwallstreet1110 fedupwithwallstreet1110 Mar 3, 2013 4:18 AM Flag

    Shorts are trapped big time and this is no myth

    Huge short interest had sales basis of around 3. With all the manipulation and selling into rallies and making it drop hard to get retail to sell they managed to bring the sales basis into the 5's. They're still at least 3 dollars in knee deep into a filthy mess that's going to drown them.

    The raising of sales basis came at a huge cost: almost doubled short interest. How the hell are they going to cover without seeing price go to $15 which is a huge loss for shorts.

    At the same time tutes increased their position to 45% of float but that wasn't easy. It mainly came from retail taking profit. Now it's harder - retail is selling less and there's competition for shares by shorts.

    These shares should be trading above $12 right now if it wasn't for shorts' manipulation. Now tell me if it's a myth that shorts are trapped. Big news ahead will make the trapped short turn into shredded horse #$%$ and no Fraudstein can help them.

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    • hedge_risk Mar 3, 2013 8:39 PM Flag

      That has got to be the single biggest pile of #%*% I have read on here from someone who is supposed to be skilled enough to write for retail investors.

      Short manipulation? What is Gods name are you talking about? Are you implying that there is an a institution shorting this naked? If so, who? If not, tell what is stock price manipulation by short selling?

      Have you ever short sold a security or basket of them for any purpose, speculation or hedging? Have you ever run a book? Do you know the first thing about running money or is your experience limited to buying and selling stocks with your own money?

      Tell me what you know about "tutes" - any GD thing you want. Lets start with Vanguard. Tell me how hard it was for them to increase their position Rezasince you know so much about running a book .... It wasn't easy huh? How the hell would you know anything about that?

      Lets talk for a minute at what you call "sales basis" I assume you are talking about the basis in the short position. Are you postulating that if I am short at 3 and the stock shoots to five I am going to double down??
      Reza, stick to selling your podcasts to these guys on the MB. You are clueless on running money, friend. You take risk like that, you don't work. PERIOD. You get fired for even bringing the trade up on the screen before sending the order. If you think the muppets are shorting this?? Think again. Like at the trades. 70 and 80k blocks, not for this MB, one after the other. That's a "tute" - the rest is waiting for news just like you and will beat you to the trade EVERY SINGLE TIME.

      You see an algorithm can cover a short and go long and go back short again in less than two seconds. You can't even move your eyes that fast to see how many hits you got on your last BS piece of research.

      People look up to you on this board. You do them a disservice. Good luck with your crusade against WS. Your doomed.

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      • Hedge_risk, you write like a pro trader would, so my guess is you are one. I'm not, but I know some, and I have learned some lessons by talking to them. They make their living off the naivety of retail investors, because they trade without emotion and more quickly than the amateurs can react. They are not infallible, but they are better than amateurs because, well, they are professionals... Those who have been long ARNA for a long time may remember the day when the FDA posted posted its rat-cancer document a few days before ADCOM-1, and the PPS tanked "instantly" from around 7 to about 4 on its way down to below 2 a few months later. The size and speed of the 7 to 4 drop was stunning to all of us with long positions. That lead to speculation of FDA leaks to a HF and corruption. A few months later I asked a pro-trader friend (he had no stake in ARNA) about my (and YMB) suspicions. He laughed... He explained that serious funds with serious investments in biotech had invested in speed-reading computer technology to "instantly" scan FDA documents and make critical judgment calls in a fraction of the time we amateurs good. The computers read that document and made an immediate, dispassionate decision to sell/short, tanking the stock. The likes of us cannot compete with these technical tools. This was from a friend I had known for many years, looking straight at him over a drink. He was not lying, he had no motive to and, well, he was a friend.

        My point is that folks on YMB see as manipulation and corruption often (probably not always) has other explanations. Put it like this: Barry Bonds surely used steroids to hit a baseball further than any of us. But, even without steroids, he would still have hit a baseball further than any of us... Why? Because he was a pro, not a weekend warrior with a pulled hamstring...

      • Is this Nate, Adam or the great Cramer himself, lowering himself to writing an article for the ARNA Yahoo message board?

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    • As usual, Reza, you have ####-all idea what you are talking about. You base your posts (and indeed your investment strategy) around the crossing of two fingers and an utter inability to live in the real world. You are going to lose a ton of money one day through your naivety and blind optimism. Good, luck, because people with your attitudes REALLY need luck to compensate for your lack of judgment. At the current PPS, there are more trapped longs than trapped shorts, some of them being trapped as a result of your pumping, which should be on your conscience. And get off your "I am a victim because of manipulation" high horse. In the real world, folks accept responsibility for their decisions, they don't whine, moan and blame journalists. Don't bother replying, as you are now on my Ignore list. I prefer to read and communicate only with rational, intelligent people.

    • Nothing would make me happier than seeing a entire herd of "shorts" having to pick up shares to cover their position. However, the heavy trading days we saw before the JPM conference took some steam out of this theory IMHO. There is a significant amount of shares shorted against this stock, but those organizations that trade for living aren't going to let themselves be in a position to lose huge amounts of money. They know the game and have "hedged against their hedge" to insure they don't lose the farm. Here's hoping I'm wrong, but if you think we are going to see a double or triple based upon the shorts, I want what you are smoking....

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    • Your post lacks any factual basis whatsoever. You have angry opinions which you try to present as facts. You have taken the myth that shorts are trapped, and added some new myths on top of that. Let's keep it real here on ARNA Yahoo board, Thanks!

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    • Silly wabbits twapped short ARNA are jailbirds singing.

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      • I agree .The shorts got themselves into this mess by doing sloppy DD.Then they made another calculated error by thinking they could control the price of ARNA by causing panic in the ranks of retail. Initially, they were able to cause much volatity but never quite enough to cover their short positions. Once institutions began buying many shares Aug- Dec it stopped the wild price swings and sets us in a tamer 8-11 range. They have been making money on these swings but nowhere near what they have wanted. The shorts with deep pockets may have been able to break even, but the many, many small retail shorts have been duped into believing it would be business as usual and all shorts would make money. Many of these are trapped in the 4.50 to 7.00 range. The reality is there are approximately 53 million shares short and that is way too many for a company with arenas'potential ...just ask eisai they also do this drug game for a living and they don't plan on losing this game and unlike the trapped h.f.'s and retail shorts they can actively participate in doing something about it THat is why shorts are trapped and they know it. .

    • Yesterday I posted on Iago's Trapped Short Myth thread that it's a nice fairly tail. That's still what I believe. But I sure as heck would like to see it come true.

    • Agree, the 25% shorts have depressed our price 25-35% artificially due to excess sold shares. Once these shorts are covered, with new buyers, we will only go up. Just waiting on news as a catalyst for this explosive event. In chemistry there is a phenomenon of potential energy turning into real energy. Its like bringing oxygen and hydrogen together. All that is needed is a catalyst. We have plenty this month. The shorts have only loaded the spring for ARNA to bounce higher once the suppressive pressure is released. Maybe the term "short squeeze" is overused. But it's all the same phenomenon of a sudden onset of a chain reaction propelled forward by a catalyst due to all of the hidden demand/energy being released.

    • Bottom line is, if they announce something momentus on monday the shorts will be in trouble again, but that remains to be seen!!!! Hopefully it's not going to be a Jack a s s report.....

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    • Myth or no myth I would not like to be short this stock right now.

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