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  • macampagna_54 macampagna_54 Mar 4, 2013 10:48 AM Flag

    Orex up over 5%, ARNA down 5% - makes a lot of sense doesn't it?

    Let's see OREX has huge revenue from their diet drug - NOT!
    OREX is years away, ARNA is here as soon as we get cleared for takeoff.
    Anyone else think this market is so manipulated and rigged that it makes you sick?
    I have one stock left in my portfolio - ARNA and would not think about buying anything else at this point.
    Good luck to ARNA longs, patience will pay off - lots of patience!

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    • tacocarne Mar 4, 2013 11:50 AM Flag

      Just look at the money moving from VVUS to Orex. It began the day after VVUS announced their earnings. VVUS longs do not like ARNA so they are moving their remaining dollars to OREX. They will most likely lose again.

    • macamp- way to beat the manipulation is accumulate shares on this notable dip. i did. and i will continue to do so if further decline. just keep your eye on the commercial rollout 2-3 fiscal quarters after day #1 of rollout.......... i expect this thing to be highly successful initial rollout and down the road, to be a blockbuster seller. obesity maintenance, pre diabetes, high blood pressure.........etc........ whole slew of medical doctors will be writing scripts here. just imo, of course.

    • OREX is speculative pump & dump.

    • Forgot to mention that OREX went up 5% on a drug that has YET to be approved!!!. This is nuts.

    • Go ask stock analyst---he doesn't think the markets are manipulated at all. He thinks all theses shorts are the Keebler Elves!



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    • Of course I believe the market is rigged by the big boys - know it and deal with it is my motto.

      ARNA surprised everyone by getting approved first by the FDA, and it caught wall st. completly off guard. They had pumped the 'competitor' to the moon using the media and mercenary press shills. They have attempted in every way possible to throw artificial speed bumps at ARNA in an attempt to slow them down and get their product accepted first - which hasn't happened. Arena, on the other hand, signed a trusted partner in Eisai which has a track record of launching new products - which they've successfully done twice. Although Eisai is taking the bulk of the profits (69%), in the America's, they are also picking up all the development, admin., and marketing expenses. Arena gets huge milestone reward payments, from Eisai, upon hitting certain sales benchmarks, yet they still retain the rights to the ROW which will potentially be even more profitable.

      Arena's competitor has stumbled out of the gate and those that have backed this 'generic concoction' are becoming increasingly nervous about Arena's potential success with their 'novel drug' Belviq. There are billions of dollars at risk here, and you have two armies facing off against each other now that sides have been chosen throwing everything in their arsenal at each other. Until positive news is released from the DEA, Arena will continue to get hammered each and every day by fraud-street. It's a tough pill to swallow, no pun intended, but this game is about to play out quickly. Retail longs have been stead fast in their support having bought in early at very low pps. The short HF's now have a worthy opponent in the long funds like Wellington, Blackrock, Fidelity, and others who will battle them head on for cheap shares. Although it's tough to see the victory flag from all the smoke and dust still clearing from these battles, the sun is about to come out and
      the path will be clearly defined. JMO

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      • Guys, I agree 100 per cent. Have to laugh when I see such contradictory share prices. Isn't it strange that big media makes big deal about arena today, but does not wonder why orex goes up with less of anything than arna. just grin and go on. When I grow up, I want to be in cahoots with the hedge funds and their buddies in the financial media.

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