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  • sdghrty sdghrty Mar 5, 2013 4:15 PM Flag

    I really want to know why we as retail investors are not able to find out which institutions are short on stocks. we can find out which are

    long but not the mfr shorts. Ill bet my 8000 share jpm is losing money in this one as well.

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    • Of course they're short in a big way. They just want to soften the impending male appendage
      squeeze of this short position they have. I'm sure JP's got lots of calls to go with the ARNA stock
      they also own, on the long hedged side. They just want more, who can blame them? ARNA is
      going to make lots &lots of money!!!! Its just too bad they've got the gigantic investment milieu
      presence & media influence--- trying to bully --to get their way. $55.00 for VVUS---really????? please..

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    • i bet your right !! if jpm is bashing they are short and hurtin !!!!!!!!!! but as for us for small guys out here just trading a few thousand shares we will never have a look at what the big boys are doing ... way too many under the table deals going on in the crooked world these days !!

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    • It was argued by GS, JP Morgan and others that it would take away their proprietary work and advantage. That it would be unfair to them and they would not be able to execute their strategies if the public could see what they were doing.

      Congress bought it hook line and sinker.

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      • unreal. Was that when congress could buy and sell stocks on insider info and they had to create a law saying that they couldnt. I looked that up and thought it said that anyone in congress had to disclose what stocks they were trading and it was suppose to be on some website but have yet to find that info. It really is discouraging to the average investor to see what crooks are doing with the market.

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      • So now we get to see the short interest not in real time but 2 weeks later, always looking in the past. Never mind that fact that reported short interest is on the reported short interest through the DTCC all other shorts done outside of that tute are are not required to report today.

        That is how naked shorting is able to be done today. Shorts are internal and don't go through a third party for settlement, DTCC.

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