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  • bodyshopguyla bodyshopguyla Mar 26, 2013 11:22 AM Flag



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    • For all of you morons, idiots, and just plain ignorant people, quit posting that garbage about buyout, etc. The #$%$ hedge funds are enjoying it when you people post your dribble.

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    • I can't believe people are still talking buyout. Does not makes sense right here and right now. No final DEA yet, no EMA decision yet, no sales yet. Nothing for a BP to risk billions on! We will not be approached for at least a year and that's assuming everything mentioned above is positive. A BO price will most likely include a 50% premium which only takes us to $12. The DEA news alone should give us that. A lot of people would be unhappy with a BO at these levels. They may still be at a loss??

    • I've certainly marked you with an ignore. I'm sick and tired of useless posts that make these baseless claims that have no real use other than waste time. This board should be about exchanging of ideas and information. Not stated opinions in a new thread.

    • You know what. With the way things have gone it wouldn't bother me a bit. I'd take my money and move elsewhere: part hard assets (a pad outside this countr, gold & silver) and build positions in other biotechs & covered calls. I got quarter mil tied into this company and I'm sick of the DEA, the manipulators, the Street and other idiots ,etc. This DEA thing is nuts. I don't get what is not in the research data that they can't answer these comments. The 6 months to decide it was Schedule IV prior to comments and review. What the heck is that about? Why six months? I guarantee if this was some Chinese equivalent of the DEA this would be done in 3 months. I read an article in the Economist a 1-2 years ago and it dealt with the Chinese making inroads in Africa. The dictators there liked dealing with them. No hassles on human rights (never have been there) and they come like locusts and build whatever they want for an exchange of natural resources. What happened to our great country when we would build? They're saying almost 900 billion bucks of work for roads, etc. Where the heck did that stimulus money go??? This applies to DEA, Congress, etc. What's with the slow work? I swear I'm seeing what I read in When Atlas Shrugged. Lack of concern, laziness, lying, no pride in workmanship, attention to the frivolous, no shame, and always seeking a quick, easy buck with the least amount of effort. Heavy sigh.

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      • America wants big Gov't. They also get everthing that comes with it. If you think it is bad now wait till Obama cares kicks in, long waits for medical attention, and more costly. People that actually work and pay taxes are getting less and less. All of this is not sustainable, look at everything involving Unions (ex.Post Office) all losing in the end. Capitalism works well, a proven fact, Socilaism doesn't (ex. France) a proven fact.

    • boo to any buyout. i want mature pipeline, row, sales, no buyout. unless it is a impossible 2 shares of arena for one share of eisai

    • just like any good dog, I marked it.

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