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  • fedupwithwallstreet1110 fedupwithwallstreet1110 Apr 4, 2013 6:50 AM Flag

    Further analysis of the 69 Comments

    Spent a bit more time on the comments having downloaded them all (if anyone wants a copy PM me your email adr -- I assume it's public info and ok to reproduce - if you know otherwise let me know).


    3 MISSING COMMENTS - 1 is DUPLICATE - 2 are MYSTERIOUSLY NOT POSTED. God knows what they are!

    Of the 69 comments

    - A few are duplicates -- seems like people copied each others' messages at times both on the pro and con side.

    - Around 22 of 69 are

    Either against Sched. 4,asking for a tighter schedule, 2 or 3.

    A bunch are arguing combo with Phen could pose additional risks.

    Asking for delay.

    Citing that "3%" #$%$ that it's not worth the risk

    - A couple are neutral - saying people should do yoga instead etc.

    - Around 44 are supportive of DEA's schedule 4, asking for expedited approval, waiver of wait period.



    The 44 comments in support of DEA should take the DEA something like 2 days to respond to. They likely will respond to the whole lot one response saying thanks for your comment showing support for the proposed rule.

    The opposing comments can be categorized to

    - Around 8 are raising phen combo issue

    - A couple asking for REMS

    - Around 3 asking for delay

    - I haven't gone through the attachments yet but I know Mansbach's babble for example which is in support of Sched 4 anyway after throwing a monkey wrench with silly arguments. I hope DEA doesn't have to respond to every point he makes.

    It would have been a huge help to the DEA if Arena/Eisai were on standby last day, have a scientist review the latest comment, and posted their rebuttal. I guess they underestimated the cockroaches.

    REMS is not DEA's job. I don't see the combo with phen an issue b/c phen is already scheduled.

    Why didn't many of these concerned people post their names? Because they were concerned people would find out they work for Hedge Fund X?

    It is very obvious looking at the negative comments that a lot of them are just ask

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