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  • jzhands jzhands Apr 15, 2013 7:49 AM Flag

    As these SA's and the Fools fall all over themselves daily to post

    their self serving posts; I would have to say that none of them know more than you or I at this point! Just a waiting game.

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    • fool.c*m/investing/general/2013/05/07/3-hallmarks-of-a-megablockbuster.aspx
      1. Treat causes, not symptoms
      2. Drastically improve treatment
      3. Treat multiple indications

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    • if it was positive you would be kissing their butts

    • bingo .... and if they did know something, they would not be talking about it on a message board..... although, over the years I feel that once in a while a past employee or current will post something just for the challenge of getting away with something or not.

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      • 1 Reply to wvwvwv12399
      • That black coral SA article is full of incorrect statements, unupported statements, and convienent ommisions! Why do I have to keep reading this drivel from bio expert wannabes!

        The article say sand doesnt say this stuff:
        (1) belviq studied for autoimmune diseases---really? No its another drug in their pipeline--not Belviq!
        (2) Debt: Huh---really---ARNA is about debt free!
        (3) 6 more months for DEA to rule---really? Based on what history for these classifications---its already basically over due based on the applicable data.
        (4) yea they got plenty of cash and the articles mentions no milestone payments to come, yet wants to talk financials?
        (5) Says little or nothing about EU regulatory and its timing? Nothing about the Swiss regulatory--nothing about the mexico process, and nothing about canada and brazil to come!

        They say there is plenty of time here, but like the car side mirror says, "Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear"

        Black Coral ought to go write about Wallymart, because they stink at writing about ARNA!



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