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  • berniemadeoff53 berniemadeoff53 Apr 16, 2013 9:48 PM Flag

    Worst Case Scenario.

    I don't think this will happen but, if there is NO final schedule for BELVIQ by July 15, 2013 every ARENA shareholder should write a complaint to the SEC or to the DEA.

    Today's new's about Q being able to market there pill in retail pharmacies within 90 day's is just not right. Q causes heart problems and birth defects in women who become pregnant while taking this weight loss pill.
    And, don't forget the risks of cleft lip defects associated with one of the ingredients in Q.

    I never held on this long in a stock, EVER! I can't bail now with so many catalysts ahead. I truly believe BELVIQ will be the #1 choice for individuals who want to lose weight without any serious side effect's.

    EU approval for BELVIQ will be the death nail in the coffin for Q. I just hope no one is on the take at the DEA.


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    • And what exactly do you expect the SEC ans DEA to do about your complaint? It will end up in the circular file under "we don't give a #$%$"

    • Now I know not every poster who is long with ARNA is a wordsmith or even the sharpest knife in the drawer so it would be great if someone would put together a letter for each different group we should send to. So we know every part of the letter would be proper with grammer and spelling and then just copy and paste. That way it would be so easy for any long to do. There is less of a chance for laziness to take over.

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      • I think writing letters like these is pointless, and I have no intention of writing one. But if I were to do so, this is what I would say;

        I am writing to suggest improvements to the DEA drug scheduling process based on what I have observed during the still ongoing scheduling of Belviq, an obesity drug owned by Arena Pharmaceuticals for which Eisai Inc has the US marketing rights. I must at this stage declare that I have a financial stake in the outcome of the DEA's activities, in that I own stock in Arena.

        At present, the final phase in the scheduling of Belviq, the DEA's review of comments posted by the public on the Federal Register, has lasted xx days, which is far longer than normal. I believe that the length of this phase is at least in part attributable to a subset of comments requesting a more stringent set of restrictions be applied to how Belviq is marketed. There is credible evidence that some of those comments, particularly the most substantive ones, were made by investors in, or employees of, a company that markets a rival obesity drug. I also note that these comments, with one exception, were anonymous. Such events highlight a serious flaw in the drug scheduling process that could affect future drugs if similar delaying tactics were to become routinely used by people or institutions with a financial stake in creating such a delay.

        I would, therefore, like to propose that the DEA changes its scheduling processes as follows: 1) Comments on the Federal Register should only be allowed, or taken into account, if they are made under a verifiable name and affiliation (accessible to DEA officials); 2) Any comments must be accompanied by a legally valid conflict of interest declaration outlining any financial stake the commenter has, or could be perceived to have, in the outcome of the scheduling process.

        Had these regulations had been in place now, I believe Belviq would already have been scheduled and on sale. Introducing them would prevent future abuses

    • The only thing I would add is we should write a complaint to the SEC And the DEA And our Senators and Representatives. Let's get them all involved.

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    • 1) Qsymia doesn't cause heart problems, in fact cardiac health improves with Qsymia, as reported in the American Journal of Cardiology

      ""This provides clear evidence that patients with hypertension or high cholesterol treated with Qsymia for one year experienced significant weight loss and clinically meaningful improvements in their underlying cardiovascular risk factors," said Suzanne Oparil, M.D., Director of the Vascular Biology and Hypertension Program, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and an investigator in the study. "The ability to improve underlying risk factors is another reason physicians should proactively discuss the medical treatment of obesity with their patients who have failed lifestyle modification alone."

      2) Belviq may cause birth defects, nobody knows because the few dozen live births recorder by women while on Lorcaserin in trials was too small of a sample size to draw any conclusions one way or another. Of the few dozen live births in the Qsymia/qnexa there were no birth defects and the risk is presumed to be lower on Qsymia then the 3 to 4 times higher dose of topiramate epilepsy patients take.

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