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  • fucramer fucramer May 2, 2013 9:39 PM Flag

    So Long...

    I've always backed Arena management until today... Arena coming out with EMA application retraction news on the day of expected "Non-Explosive" Q1 earnings showed a total lack of respect for their investors. I have always believed and defended Arena Management. Of all the phone calls and messages they've received from investors all over, you'd think that they would have at least released the EMA earlier and not released in a CC. We deserved more and better as we were all there behind the Company motivated and cheering. Almost one year post FDA and still no one has any guts to give us any kind of update regarding DEA. Are they talking to DEA? At this point, I'm sure that the DEA had been in contact with Arena as to why they have delayed Belviq. The only short term catalyst I see here is DEA which will probably give us $1 in pps and sales which I am now starting to question. Taken 2x Daily at $200/bottle compared to the competition. VVUS have been selling Qsymia for Months and Months now and those customers and Doctors have now grown accustomed to taking Qsymia and with word of mouth. Lastly, with FDA loosening Qsymia's REMS allowing it to be available at local retail stores just doesn't make it any better. I like the safety that Belviq has to offer for patients but I just don't think it has enough fuel to get us to the moon anymore and YES, I do believe DEA has something to do with it but I now also feel that Management had a lot to do with it (More than we think). GLTA. Its been great reading all of your posts and I wish you guys the very best. PROVE ME WRONG LONGS! THIS IS MY LAST POST!

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    • Sorry to see you go #$%$. Best of luck. This CEO of ours suck.

    • Do you guys believe if there is any serious thing happening at the DEA ? Could it be that Arena wants to cover up something from CHMP in order not to expose something to the DEA ? I'm getting scared that DEA will ever proceed with approval.

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    • I agree with you. Everything could be reasoned or rationalized but when you do something something like choose a CC to announce this with the double whammy of poor earnings you HAVE to know what it will do to shareholders. They could have disseminated this news more softly before this. I am going to hold a small position but I'm not going to add another share thinking it's a bargain.

    • man, Im not sure if this is just a bad attempt at a subtle bash or if your actually a long but either way you clearly didnt do your homework.

      First off, if you had listened to the CC or even would have read the transcript they clearly say that EISAI has been in contact with the DEA because they submitted the app. They have been talking but arena didnt want to speak on behalf of eisai.

      Secondly, the REMS restrictions dont allow Qsymia to be sold at just local retails stores. They have to be certified pharmacies. So Arena is still way ahead of them on that front.

      Third, with this delay VVUS is actually paving the way for insurance coverage which is less work for arena/eisai and will end up helping them.

      Fourth, Doctors naturally will try drugs that are safer first to avoid any chance of bad lawsuits. Its just general practice.

      So if your selling based on your ill informed info I strongly suggest you re-evaluate your decision. But whatever the case may be I just wanted to point these things out.

      The one thing you were right about were that sales will be the bottom line. And I think sales will come in stronger than expected.

    • Finally people waking up to stupid ceo

    • jkgeneva May 2, 2013 9:41 PM Flag

      good.. now go away

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