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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Jun 18, 2013 10:13 AM Flag

    ARNA are failing to control messaging!

    Shorts are controlling the message, manipulating the media to focus on the mean/average, placebo adjusted weight loss when ARNA should be focusing the message on the responder weight loss numbers. ARNA execs are failing and the shareholders are paying for their failure. They really don't seem to get that shorts are out to destroy the company and they are in a death match where only one will survive. They need to up their game and I am not sure they are capable. BOD is not engaged, JL thinks he is running his own private company, man this is a time sucker!!!

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    • Jack fails to recognize that he is now playing to Main Street, and not Wall Street. Forget Wall Street Conferences, book yourself on every Television Show that will give you 30 seconds to plug your precious Belviq. Don't need Wall Street money any longer, Jack, your money comes from Mr. & Mrs. America. Go out and convince them your product will help them lose weight.

    • malph_ralph Jun 18, 2013 10:50 AM Flag

      perfect analysis. the press out there is overwhelmingly negative. CR and other lifestyle e-zines, blogs etc are all focused on wrong information about weight loss % and side effects. that has been put out there by shorts and probably VVUS etc
      Arena has done a #$%$-poor job at counteracting that and Jack "uh" Lief is not the person who should be out there campaigning or in media. They need to have a well-informed, articulate, confident, healthy, slim young person being the loudest person in the room.
      we need VVUS activist investors

    • I like their approach - they let the numbers and the science do the talking, let the peanut gallery squabble over inanities, the data and the journal articles, and soon the prescriptions, will tell the whole story. I have a lot od under $2 shares - it's hard to say anything bad about Jack Lynch when he's made me a fortune.
      Are you getting out there on facebook and telling your friends about belviq? do your part!

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      • I sit in-between both your analyses on this. ARNA should pick and choose their battles against all this baloney out there on Belviq. I believe they should have not issued a statement on CR, but put out a PR on all this talk of placebo adjusted efficacy numbers as clarification because they have the right to defend core principals on Belviq!.

        It is somewhat damaging to sit quiet, but not in terms of the medical worlds perceptions of this. But ya can't go corporately chasing after every little thing that comes out in the media either! There are other things to do and maintenence!

        They are taking a safe, conservative, data speaks for itself approach! I wish they would be a little more feisty defending their turf, but people here are overboard specialists! i don;t want Jack to join that bandwagon!



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