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  • rnwaveohh rnwaveohh Jun 28, 2013 7:23 PM Flag

    Jim Cramer - anyone look into taking legal action?

    Jim Cramer et al seem to be engaged in a scam to issue negative/bad opinions on Arena. It would not be surprising if he or one of his friends had a short position.

    Let take him down! Anyone look into suing him? We can at least stop the false and negative statements.

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    • You must attack the disclaimer. Advise the people using Cramer's financial recommendation on TV, the internet, and printed media of the errors in his professional opinions. The disclaimers must be made worthless. Hiding behind the disclaimers is just a way to keep promoting the possibility of Cramers errors. For example: A doctor is allowed only so many mistakes that cause harm or death to a patient before losing the license to practice. The same applies to people that give out professional advice that can cause financial loss. A professional is permitted an opinion, but when that opinion causes loss, the professional should be held responsible.

    • jcw101245 Jun 28, 2013 7:28 PM Flag

      Why hell yes! All of the major law firms are lined up to sue him for being right so far. Take your stupid post over to the cartoon network mb.

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      • remember old Jimbo said "BP would be crazy not to buy out ARNA" He said that on the Monday after fda approval. He then came out on Tuesday and said he looked further into the stock ownership and saw how much retail owned it and said people should take their profits and sell!!!. He got a phone call from his buddies saying #$%$ are you doing we are short still and youre screaming BO !! That is where he is wrong and should be looked into .,but it will never happen. The man shouldn't even be allowed to do what he does. He says he cant buy and sell stock but his charitable trust can. Wonderful loop hole he has there. the ability to manipulate stocks under the guise of entertainment

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      • I dont think it is stupid. What Cramer et al are doing is criminal and misleading. Adam Feurstein and Cramer continue to bash Arena and for what reason may I ask.

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