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  • stockvadar stockvadar Jul 18, 2013 5:49 PM Flag

    Feuerstein-will crash Arena under 3100! so suck it up! Stockvadar-states

    Investors. I have zero tolerance for the namby-pamsies who are AFRAID to predict tomorrow's IMS numbers.

    Gang, we need 3100 IMS! Not 3,000 or Spence-getting to write another apology to Ellie about asking about her weight!

    WE NEED PLUS 3100 IMS TOMORROW or the shorts are going to drown us!

    Fearless, -SV

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    • Darth - Come here pal...Settle down and take a seat..... turn off you lightsaber.

      First - you are giving this Feuerstein character to much credit. He can not crash the stock. He has hated this stock since day one. If he could have crashed it he would have done it already.

      Second - it does not matter if we get 3K or 3.1K tomorrow. These are only partial counts and people are going to spin it however they want anyway. All of the movement off of this number is temporary. All of this will be put to bed in a couple weeks when earning are released. That's all that matters...its the only real data. Everything else is just people pulling Sh*% out of their #$%$ So tomorrow it does not matter what AF , Obi 1 Kenobi , young skywalker, Chewbacca or #$%$ Yoda say. Now go have a beer and try to get some rest. You have another meaningless day ahead tomorrow.

    • We don't need anything tomorrow because it doesn't matter what the price is tomorrow unless we are buying more and if it goes down I will.

    • your an idiot

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