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  • tebbatuba tebbatuba Jul 25, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    Jack and team...

    Clearly know what they are doing.... Growing this across multiple countries with multiple partners.... Increasing Arena%....anyone who comes on this board and states differently wants this stock to drop. The key to this stock is patience .... It's a virtue and will make you money.

    If you want a new CEO picked by a hedge fund go buy VVUS. Seems like that is working well.

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    • I'd like a CEO and management team that works to support and grow the share price. I have no problem with their marketing/sales strategy. I have a big problem with their unwillingness or inability to support and grow the share price for their investors, particularly retail who may not have the luxury of free shares or years MORE of waiting. Good management ? We'll see August 1st. I'm not optimistic. Stating the obvious: despite all that money in the bank, all those partners, the pipeline, off label uses, the potential for combo therapy, good and growing launch numbers and "buy out" potential this stock is slowly dying under the weight of 64M shorts. What should easily be a pps of $16/share, a modest 19% gain OVER the price on approval we sit 49% UNDER . One can clearly know what they're doing in one arena (pun intended) and clearly lost in another.

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      • I think Jack is similar to the former VVUS CEO Tam, with far lower communucation skills. Jack's somewhat suitable to lead a small R&D co, but not at all qualified to run a larger, commercial organization. If we had an aggressive hedge fund owner, Jack would also be out. ARNA needs a savvy business leader before it's too late. CFO is also very weak and both are rediculously overpaid. Their IR/corp comm strategy also stinks.

      • You may not have the stomach for stock trading .... I'm just saying

      • Then you should sell. The CEO's job is to execute the strategy not come out and tell a short term "retail investor"every time someone farts. By default executing the strategy is what drives sales , profit and stock price. If you are here for a quick 400% pop you picked the wrong stock. Introducing a new drug into the (skeptical) medical community takes time especially in the weight loss world.

        Seems to me you should have bought VVUS. Run by lawyers, no strategy to grow the market ...only thing they wanted was to get in.... Hype the drug (or support and grow the share price for investors as you put it) and then sell the company for a big gain. That's what you wanted and to be honest that is what wall st wanted. That is why they bet on that horse.. They wanted to turn a quick buck and that is a hard thing to do when you have no substance or strategy.

      • How quickly do you expect the stock price to rise? What is a healthy, manageable growth rate? It hasn't even been a full two months yet, has it? One week was a holiday week. I like seeing a CEO that is all in and leaves his chips on the table, unlike the previous VVUS CEO. I do believe there are forces that don't want ARNA to be successful, not only because they are shorting it, but because ARNA will take market share from companies and industries that benefited from ARNA not being in the market place. ARNA is a game changer that will affect lives and industries that were the only choices until now. Those that are affected negatively financially are doing anything they can to kill ARNA from taking hold. I'm sure the company that comes up with a cure for cancer will experience many companies collaborating to do what they can to spread fear and doubt because even though it is great for our society, it is not great for their financial gains. You can't keep a giant from waking up when the consumer becomes aware of the truth and decides it has the need, want and desire. I think the day is closer than we realize that with the market penetration process and positive patient results getting as close to success as it seems, the big investors that have been short will be converting long sooner than those that have been copying their moves. Its the lagers that will be hurt the most. Just my opinion. Good luck, its been an interesting game thus far. If it is possible to really control the stock price based on controlling supply and demand of trading, it surely gives an advantage to those firms that have pools of retirement monies to invest in this game and control the supply of orders, buy or sell once the institution has a few days worth of average volume for total shares.

      • The best CEO's are the ones that let the growth of the company revenues do its talking. Good BSers
        end up on the unemployment line. Right Leland?

      • Totally disagree with you! No solutions, just crybaby whining on your part!
        Here is what a key Arena executive said to another Arena employee when asked what it will take to have the shorts go away? The answer is 2-3 quarters of solid revenue and profit!

        That is the key solution. I have yet to see one whiner provide a reasonable solution.

        I do apologize in advance because you are a solid long and a very good poster but this post is a whiner.

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      • vir249 Jul 25, 2013 9:44 AM Flag

        The management are just accumulating cash to buy back stocks design to toast the 60 mil plus

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      • Desertridgept, I agree 100% with your post! Thank you for speaking out for the faithful yet neglected retail investors. It seems that it is always SHORT WINS and we get always DUMPED ON!!! Look at the pathetic price level we are at after enduring the long DEA wait then to see a downturn after the launch! Management is sitting high in their ivory towers with no sign of any excitement over the launch of their "blockbuster" product.They don't give a "RATS" (no pun intended just angry) #$%$ about us.

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      • Desert, a lot of idiots are blind to what your saying, I wish I had them for neighbors.
        They would lend you money and never ask why you have not payed them back yet.
        They are totally ignorant in their statements.I guess they are all wealthy retired people
        just throwing money around and not asking questions.

      • Shorts have not relented. Indeed, on good news (PR) days, the price usually is suppressed successfully. This, hopefully, will turn around with some very good news about sales.

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    • Jack Leif, 2nd place CEO of the year......"Trust in Jack", always working the long term plan behind the scenes to add value for the shareholder.

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    • I don't know that the % increased, personally I like Eisai deal better with all the incentives and milestones and the larger territory. They are about equal in my opinion.

    • I agree. Arena is a great company with a lot of potential. Unlike VVUS, they dont hold press conferences every other week with stupid news like oh we got an app. Unlike VVUS they already have a marketing partner paying for everything

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    • jkgeneva Jul 26, 2013 6:13 PM Flag

      "CLEARLY"... really???... what are you in on the board of director meetings?.. if they "clearly" knew what they were doing, then the pps would not be down 50% since last June, 2012, genius.. thanks for the spewing of your pumping, but I'll take a pass

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