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    Belviq New FDA-approved Diet Drug Gets You Ripped beyond your Wildest Dreams

    Belviq New FDA-approved Diet Drug Gets You Ripped beyond your Wildest Dreams
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    Dear Friend and Fellow Athlete,

    Belviq Obesity DrugThe FDA has recently approved a new weight loss drug called Belviq, which tricks people into eating less. Judging from the impressive results of Belviq’s clinical trials, it could be the “wonder drug” that both average Joes and bodybuilders alike are searching for.

    A large portion of the fitness industry is predicated on the belief that simple pills and powders can transform people from mere flabby mortals into ripped studs. Of course, anybody who’s spent countless hours working their butt off in the gym – only to reward themselves with a dry salad and fish afterward – knows that supplements and dieting drugs are merely an aid to achieving a great build.

    So does all of this mean I’m totally immune to the excitement that follows hearing about a new and effective weight loss pill? Absolutely not because being able to melt fat without sweat and tears is a dream! This being said, it’s particularly interesting that the FDA has approved a new pill called Belviq (a.k.a. lorcaserin hydrochloride), which can provide major help to those with weight problems. If you’re intrigued by Belviq, keep reading to find out more about this incredible new drug.

    Mind Games

    As described by the FDA, the way Belviq works is by activating a brain receptor that controls one’s appetite. When this receptor is activated, a person’s brain is tricked into thinking more food has eaten than what’s actually been consumed. Long story short, this drug makes people eat less and feel fuller.

    The Results are in

    Drugs don’t gain FDA approval without some extensive testing, and Belviq certainly passed trials with flying colors. 47% of people without type 2 diabetes lost at least 5% of their body weight on this drug compared to 23% of those who took the placebo. 38% of those with type 2 diabetes shed at least 5% of their weight while only 16% of people o

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