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  • foretherun foretherun Aug 8, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Criminal Seeking Alpha pumping OREX European application. HA!

    The criminal rage SA is out today pumping OREX for seeking European application. This is utterly hilarious as OREX hasn't even come close to FDA approval. As if Europe with it's utmost tight approval regiment would even consider such is blatently criminal just as is Seeking Alpha overall. Nothing more but a pumper rag for the Milken crony Icahn/Keating/Cramer mafiaso regime! Arena still stands in the best position for European approval and surely much closer than VVUS/OREX could ever wish for (most likely never to happen for either.) So come on SA and keep up your Cramer affiliate pumping nonsense for surely nobody here at ARNA is buying your hype. Your best bet now is for the Milken regime to lay in more PIPE finanancing at Vivus and consider such quickly for OREX then ride the rise as more naive invostors buy the hype then quickly take profits then NAKED short VVUS/OREX to the death spiral your are so famously known for. Your efforts to thwart ARNA are and will continue to fail as much, much was learned about your criminal ventures in the Dendreon debacle.

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    • One of the ingridients in Contrave is Wellbutrin, my step son took that for ADHD, it was the worse thing he could have ever taken, had just about all the side effects... Even heart palpitations. Took him off after a couple of months. He did lose weight though but that is something that we didn't want.

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      • I also took it for smoking cessation and the side effects were so overwhelmingly nauseating I stopped within weeks and through the stuff away. I chose the trash and ran water over the pills to partially disolve and begin the break down process faster. I figured buried in a land fill for 100 years would be less damaging to the overall populace than flushing down the toilet and having the poison enter the drinking water supply. I tell you that stuff is indeed poison.

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