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  • shas_elt shas_elt Aug 16, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    Doctor visit to bariatric doctor

    I printed out my belviq 15 day voucher, tried to get my doctor, a cardiologist, to write a prescription for me. He listened to the info about belviq, told me I missed my calling, should have been a sales rep then told me no. He wouldn't write a prescription because the drug was too new and he wanted to see well Belviq performed for other doctor's patients. Wait and see approach.
    I contacted a bariatric doctor. We talked about diet and exercise, he said exercise by itself is not enough. He said people who exercise a lot often feel hungry afterwards. That would explain the interest in Belviq by the weightlifting community. I told him I wanted to try Belviq because of its unique mechanism of action. His response was Belviq's efficacy was minimal, you won't lose a lot of weight. Of course, I told him about weight loss by responders and about the real world results by early Belviq users. He then said maybe I should try qysmia or better yet, try the generics. I told him I don't want to feel dopey from topiramate and I wasn't comfortable taking a drug that I couldn't just stop taking. He filled out the prescription. I had to ask for the 2nd prescription. The doctor had the information on Belviq listed on his website but he was pushing the generics. Not sure if a eisai rep had visited his office but the doctor has more than one office. Maybe eisai needs more sales reps.
    I had to fill out a questionnaire on a touchscreen tablet at the front desk at the end of my visit (the receptionist was supposed to have me fill out it out before the visit). At the last screen was a information on qysmia asking for my personal contact info. I asked the reception, where is the information about other weight loss drug,Belviq?She simply looked at me dumbfounded, duh, I don't know.
    Imagine if I went to the doctor office and didn't know about Belviq, I would have left with a prescription for generics.

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    • I tried to fill my prescription at rite aid pharmacy but they didn't have it in stock (8/16). They told me to come back on monday (8/19/2013), so I went on 8/17 to a local cvs, they had just enough left to fill my prescription (they are right next to a hospital, that might explain that). Started my prescription on 8/19, had slight headache and felt a little queasy, lasted about one hour.

      Now here is the interesting part, I felt at least 4 or 5 bouts of "high energy", got up and started cleaning, got up and did push ups (lol), next time did some jumping jacks. Went to refrigerator for my usual morning raid and felt disgusted by the thought of eating food. small salad and 6 grapes, ate half my dinner. At rehearsal I felt super energized, (I usually drag my feet at monday rehearsals.) My dreams were different also, nice, woke up refreshed.

      Definitely something to this Belviq, I only took one pill, I am going to do that for at least two weeks. I took the pill today and again felt like "doing something active, going on my treadmill today.

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    • A rep. has not visited my medical group in Hobbs NM. There are not that many big cities in NM., come on reps..

    • This seems to beva common issue, it seems Eisai is slow walking the launche , only explanation is they want more data gathered on the drugs safely profile or something, really baffling

    • I got the same reaction from my primary care as to the "let's wait and see" approach but I finally convinced him to prescribe. He is extremely impressed with my results. SO there is a tremendous wall we are hitting that will definitely take time to overcome thus the low script count. The overwhelming thing that Belviq has is the fact that it works without the nasty side effects like Q which made my wife sick. The question as investors, can we survive the manipulation in the months ahead to get to the point where Arena will rise? You got to have the stomach to take the draw downs.

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    • Shas: That the advantage of VVUS being 9 months ahead in their commerialization over Belviq because of a slow DEA. They had time to infiltrate these places while we sat unable to do anything!I

      ts going to change whether these doctors like it or not! But its going to take time past obsessing about IMS and Symphony numbers every week! Thats the real world of selling drug.



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    • edimartino Aug 16, 2013 11:37 PM Flag

      Absolutely they pimp the same #$%$ and most are not cutting edge. I got a doc who could read to script and he now writes as he has seen responders,

    • thank you for your persistence and for sharing your story.

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      • 1 Reply to johndaly123
      • Its not suprising---the headwind of perceptions and the same old test drive by someone else perspective. Its a real headwind that time will resolve! Easai will bring more sales people to the table here--only a atter of time.

        This doctor is obviously running generic PHEN and Qysmia---let them deal with the side effects of their usage until they see Belviq doesn;t have the same issues and works better than they imagine!



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