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  • tiger_josef tiger_josef Aug 18, 2013 4:12 AM Flag

    Weekly progress on Belviq (Last Sunday thru this AM)

    Fasting Weight measured this AM = 224.4 Lbs and yesterday’s AM = 223.6 Lbs from 250.8 Lbs
    Total Weight Loss since starting B on 06/13/13 = -27.2 Lbs or -10.8% in ~ 9.5 weeks

    Starting BMI = 37.0 ........ Current BMI = 33.0

    Average Fasting Glucose Reduction to Date = -50 mg/dL from ~ 164 mg/dL Base Line measured on 06/13/13 = 114 mg/dL average readings last week was 108 mg/dL

    Starting Insulin on 06/13/13 = 40 units AM + 60 units PM = 100 units
    Today's insulin intake will be = 10 units AM + 10 units PM = 20 units
    Insulin Reduction to date = -80%

    Average of all four daily readings last week within 7 days was ~ 110 mg/dL which was low enough to start phase 3 insulin reduction last Wednesday.

    Glumetza (metformin) 500mg in the AM + 1000mg in the PM. No change since 06/13/13. After getting to zero insulin intake, I will consider reducing the Glumetza to 500mg in the AM and 500mg in the PM.

    Exercise: Same as last week.

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    • tiger first I want to say congrats to your weight loss and wish nothing but the best for you... really, I do, but with that said its a shame that you passed on helping yourself by going on facebook and youtube.
      I know that I am being selfish but you could have possibly helped the longs as well,
      big disappointment is with Eisai, need more salesmen.
      but you could have been like elle... anyway going to leave it at that.
      I wish you nothing but success, may god bless, its still nice to hear good stories about people.

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      • wows1234,

        Ref. "but with that said its a shame that you passed on helping yourself by going on facebook and youtube"

        A) I do not have a Facebook account and I prefer not to have a Facebook account for two reasons 1) I am a Professional Structural Engineer and I'd rather keep myself from being openly recognized in Public due to the nature of my Profession and 2) I did state on this message board that I had a bad internet experience back in 2002 that is leading me to be the way I am today, I'd rather stay private as much as I can when it comes to stock markets and stocks.

        B) I do have a Youtube Channel that I created because I play Guitar and I have quite a few songs playing the Guitar and singing on that Channel. The main reason I created the Channel was for my three older brothers and families overseas, because we used to have a band when we were kids and I wanted to show off to may older brothers that now I play better than they did when we were kids. When I first created the Channel I did not make it private because I did not know any better and now it is there for everyone to see. Do not ask me how you can find my Channel because I will not answer.

        C) I did go to the American Diabetes Association Website and I joined to post on the Type 2 Diabetes Forum and I did post about Belviq. I had to disclose that own shares in ARNA and because of that my posts about Belviq got deleted by the Moderators.

        Bottom Line, if I truly want my identity to become public to show all my experience with Belviq, I will have to SELL ALL MY SHARES in ARNA first so that whatever I say about Belviq will not be construed as CONFLICT OF INTEREST. Maybe someday I will do Just that when the stock appreciates like it should and at that point I will probably end up on Oprah's and Dr. Oz's shows.

        I hope this makes my position clear on why I like to stay private for the time being... thank you for understanding....

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    • Thanks Tiger. Great results. Yazoo is such a mess I just check in on Sunday to see everyone's progress. Congratulations.

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    • Great job Tiger. What a difference the little blue pill has made in your life and others. Exciting times for Arena. Can't wait until we see the DTC ads. Eisai needs to use some of you guys for the ads. Good luck with your continued journey and keep us updated. Thanks for your transparency and commitment to this board.

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    • Tiger congrats. Interesting how close our weight loss and insulin usage has dropped. As a Type I diabetic I will always have to use some insulin but I am down to 50 units daily from 120. We have both lost the same amount of weight. Very pleased we are tracking so well...great job!

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      • Benjamin, I am also very pleased that we both found a light at the end of the dark tunnel..... We are both very lucky to stumble on Belviq by chance earlier than other Diabetics. My wishes is for all Diabetics to learn about B and experience its impacts early enough to realize there is a 10 mg blue pill out there that could greatly impact their lives for the better.

    • all I can say is wow. And congratulations. And keep up the good work. And oh yeah, thanks for all the contributions to the board.

    • great results for you, but if a tree falls in he woods and no one hear's it. Not enough people are hearing about Belviq, not enought marketing, advertising, too few reps, MD's afraid to have the conversation, that's great. JL needs to get on Eisai and demand they do/invest more, or find someone who will, or sell the company to a larger firm. While th ereports of personal weight loss are great, I care about stock the price/performance and that's terrible.

    • outstanding progress, clearly this has had a hugely positive impact for you!

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    • Thanks for updates Tiger. Your progress should scare atleast some retail shorts here and save them from bigger loss they are going to get.

    • Very nice, Tiger.

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    • Nice job Tiger and wishing you continued success.

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