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  • mbenjam2 mbenjam2 Aug 27, 2013 12:22 PM Flag

    Spence writes a new article about Contrave having a better chance of getting EU approval hahahahaha

    They don't even have US approval....what a j e r k.

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    • You may be a skilled mind reader (but I doubt it) but you are surely not a competent article reader.

      The article states that if Contrave gets EU approval it will have a big advantage over Belviq and Qsymia. That doesn't make it a hit piece on Arena, because it is simply a fact.

      Nowhere in the article does the author venture an opinion about Contrave's chances of success in either the US or the EU, nor does he state that Contrave has better chances for approval than its competitors. Obviously that doesn't fit your preconceived bias that everything written by this author is a covert attack on Arena, and you leap to a conclusion that is not supported by even a cursory reading.

      If Arena longs are basing investment decisions on mind reading or reading tea leaves rather than objective due diligence they are almost certain to make the wrong decisions sooner or later.

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    • SA has a biggest JOKER of this era!!
      None other but OSAMA BIN SPENCKER!!!!

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    • Notice though, no hit jobs on ARNA for days now. The heat is on and they know it.

    • . . . I assume you know that the EU does not require FDA approval to advance a drug to market there . . . and that both Q and belviq have been sidelined there due to concerns regarding side effects . . . and that OREX's CEO has publicly stated that they've been encouraged by the response of European regulators . . . so how does that make Osborne a jerk? . . .

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      • Neo: The point is Osbourne is pumping a submission you say is imminent and OREX doesn;t even have the data yet, nor have they allowed the FDA to determine whether its submittable. Not to cover this in advance via meeting with the agency, would be a giant mistake on OREX part.

        I smell OREX dilution as Osbourne is trying to hype the process here past what the process can do to receive any approval in terms of timeline. He article is way pre-mature and one must question why this is so! Your doing the same as Osbourne is!

        You will be lucky to submit it before the end of the year--lucky to get a decision before late 2014, and lucky to sell drug anywhere before 2015! Thats the timeline whether you like it or not! And that assumes you get approvals anywhere!

        Show us the data from your ongoing study first---then it can be assessed better!



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      • Encouraged...LMFAO. Spencer is a dolt. He uses Belviq to promote his articles.

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    • He gets paid to write articles that gets people to buy and sell stocks.

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