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  • jim.ross34 jim.ross34 Sep 6, 2013 10:00 AM Flag

    Obama goes to war

    and sinks markets. That black baby killer is a bungler.

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    • nobody in the world wants to join President's baby gang.

    • "I don't know if I'm going to order an attack, they haven't told me yet"

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    • Community organizer. Pretend Senator. Pretend President elected by sheeple who bought in to 'hope and change' and promises he can't perform and re-elected by sheeple who are on the Gov't Dole, naive, etc. Nearly 5 years and we don't know his true birthplace, religion or background. The US is a shadow of the republic that was founded and thrived until the liberals took us downhill, step by step.

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      • a_conservative_hates_america a_conservative_hates_america Sep 6, 2013 11:40 AM Flag

        One day i'll poop on your face.

      • Indeed 100 years of failed dem party primary control: 1913 dem Wilson Federal Reserve Bank that has debt leveraged our currency to zero intrinsic value of today, 1933 dem FDR failed SS ponzi, 1964 dem LBJ failed Medicare ponzi + failed Great Society welfare machine handing us 47% + dem Vietnam war 58,000 US dead plus 3 million civilians + additional 4 million civilians following Khmer Rouge house cleaning, and now dem Obama more debt increase in one term than all prior presidents combined and Obamacare yet to hit 2014 (or will that be 2015....), 17%+ unemployment with 2/3 of all new jobs being part time etc. etc and there you have it folks. And now wants to take us into another war promising we will just blow up a little and won't hurt the kids. HA! The USA of today indeed is a joke and 1,000% from the wonderful Constitutional Republic handed to us by our truly brillaint founders. They would be horrified at the mess of today. Obama calls 26 year olds kiddies. Many of the Founders left home for good at age 14. What a joke the USA of today.

    • And look how arrogant, says if Congress does not approve he goes anyway. HA! Rand Paul took Kerry to the woodshed in Senate session the other day when he told Kerry the Constitution requiries Congressional approval period. He then asked Kerry if the Congress regects said approval would Obama go anyway to which Kerry said he would have to asked Obama that. Rand then stated to do so would be laughing in the face of USA citizens which seems to be what the government has been doing for 30 years now. It's time to oust all of these bums and wake up.

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      • He has to do something to save face! How sad... In the mean time if he acts, he helps Al Quada! Sounds like a true no win situation. But he will do something to save his reputation and not look weak..

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      • I wanted to hear him say he would abide by congressional vote. He didn't, but I didn't hear him say if Congress does not approve he goes anyway. He carefully avoided that question multiple times, and even said he was not going to directly answer that question.
        Saying this is a simple targeted strike is absurd. We can't afford to police the entire planet.
        - US/Obama is backing the rebels, or at least wants peaceful regime change.
        - Russia/Putin is backing the current gov't, supplying them with arms, money, humanitarian aide.
        - UN is useless because Russia and China have veto power.
        - The rest of the world may condemn the chemical weapons use, but they don't want to send any soldiers, or finance any operation to do anything about it. And even if they did, Russia would be backing the other side.

      • yep but Kerry has great hair is what the news said correction so called news msnbc and cnbc
        I guess that looks is important

      • I posted John Kerry's wife's position in Raytheon (makes tomahawk missiles) on a yahoo board yesterday. It is her top portfolio position and is up 28% since hubby started saber rattling in Mesopotamia. It was deleted instantaneously. *facepalm, there is no faith left for media.

    • you have to thank Obama, Putin laughs at him. Ah ah ah !!!

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