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  • bioimmunomabman bioimmunomabman Sep 13, 2013 12:15 PM Flag

    Surprised ARNA is holding up so far

    I expected a crash today if bad data reported. So far, not crash, but once again, the market is strong and not a crash seems like good news?

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    • The reality is that the scripts numbers were not good regardless of the excuse of the holiday. But that was the expectation. The DTC program is starting to kick into gear and that is what in my opinion will turn the tables and we will start to see significant script growth. More than enough Doctors are now educated and aware of Belviq. But only a small segment of the obese/overweight consumer population is aware of Belviq. That is about to change.

      Physicians reluctant to prescribe Belviq because they are wed to the "diet and exercise" mantra will be pushed by more and more people as a result of the DTC coming into their offices requesting scripts for Belviq.
      In addition, with the "BELIEVE" program, they can see that Belviq is part of the whole program of a pill/tablet that will help people maintain a diet and with the weight loss will help them to do some amount of exercise.

      I do not predict prices or price trends. The coming onslaught of DTC and other programs will put this price where it needs to be by this time next year. Shorts are starting to exit and that exodus will continue as they scatter in the far corners of the earth....

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      • I hate myself for doing it, but I sold some puts and bought back half of the stock I sold (sorry if that puts the Kibash on ARNA in the short run). Too much time invested to stay completely out and I hate to admit I was wrong. I'm stubborn like you JDS.

        Today is the first sign I have seen of any buying in some time; maybe can stabilize here and start to work higher. Right now, it appears shorts are taking a little profit. Need to see a 10MM share day to know shorts are getting out.

        Kutz, I know you are an experienced biotech investor/poster and fellow TSRX winner, but do you really own AMRN the fish oil company? Never bought into that one, thought about shorting it, but too chicken to short biotech. I did short VVUS once or bought puts and made a few bucks, but should have held a lot longer.

      • I dont think the numbers were bad---I think they were simply "expected". VVUS numbers were the same pattern. I could go to AMRN as likely see their script numbers had the same pattern.

        ARNA is green this afternoon off bad numbers--naw. This IMS reported number will happen at every holiday interval. Good news is we got two straight months of no real big holidays in the way. And yes DTC will come and propel dis!



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    • Scripts were up 8% by both IMS and Sym. Good news. Negotiating for contract sales (with Pfizer) extremely good news! This should be way up but there are alot of dummies in the market, especially in stocks like this. I've made millions over the years taking advantage of their stupidity.

    • DTC has started, I bought a cop of O magazine and on page 113, a full-page ad for Belviq.

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