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  • jliebesfeld jliebesfeld Sep 17, 2013 1:54 PM Flag

    Obesity Meds Have Historical Baggage, Wall Street Doesn't See New Calculus! They Will, BUY! ..more..

    Weightloss meds had a number of false starts in years gone by. With that stated, the increased population and in particular the disproportionate increase in the number of obese people has increased to epidemic proportions since the introduction of earlier unsuccessful meds. In the time frame from the earlier meds until now, the FDA rules and regulations for med testing has become much more thorough as has those of the DEA. However, what has also changed is the that the AMA now recognizes obesity as a disease, a disease that may affect as many as 100,000,000 people in the U.S. alone. Obese people cannot just be told eat better or just start eating better and start exercising regularly. IF TREATING A DISEASE WAS AS EASY AS THAT, WHY WOULD WE NEED DOCTORS? Because, obesity is a disease that has been extremely difficult to treat. Many many people have died from this disease or from a disease related to obesity, e.g., diabetes,. because they could not do anything to help themselves lose weight. Think about this, in the last ten years or so, you have heard of stomach surgical procedures to contro; weight. These people had medical specialists treating them in hospitals for being dangerously overweight, some believe these people could have been told that all you need to do is to eat properly and get plenty of exercise. Well guess what, that does not work!! In fact losing weight without medical intervention is extremely difficult and most often unsuccessful. Therefore, medical science addressing this health matter came to the conclusion that the only logical way to have people lose weight was to have them not feel hungry and feel mentally well at the same time!! Makes sense !! ENTER ARENA's BELVIQ !! Don't worry, Wall Street will get the message sooner rather than later !!

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    • Belvic is the potential of being the first treatment of choice, definitely stepping in front of surgical procedures. Of course some surgeons will have a personal stake in the decision will try to keep stomach banding at the top of the list. This is where general physicians and endocrinologists will step in and save many people from internal body invasion. Once that becomes generally known, investors from the big funds will join into the buying side. That may not take that long...maybe even before the end of this year. It depends on a few more medical conferences to turn the corner with the medical professionals. The upcoming diabetes conference in England could break the ice over there with European investment houses.


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