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  • tgeorgiad tgeorgiad Sep 17, 2013 5:11 PM Flag

    what is happening here?

    Can someone dumb it down to Me. Why is this stock sinking?
    What happened in the last few days that caused such a drop?
    Were sales THAT terrible?
    Was it the fact there was a planned sale by an insider?
    Was it negative fb postings?

    what the heck is going on here?????

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    • Short have manipulated this stock for two years meeting the options expiration number at every turn......nothing new except they need to cover big now.

    • 246 Mutual Funds own ARNA stock. These are professional money managers with a long horizon.
      follow the money and ignore these bashers.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Revenues are nearly non existent since they are only getting about 45% of the MSRP due to heavy discounting. Sales don't come close to paying the bills. Now the 12 week efficacy hurdle comes home to roost. That is about it for now

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      • Van, you are so far off it isn't even funny. You have no real revenue figures to work with. 45% percent is fine for me because sales are growing steadily. Now there is direct to consumer advertising you will have to deal with. And then there is last quarter's PROFIT, and the 65 million BONUS payment. Soon Europe, Mexico, South Korea' and Brazil, and also Canada. In the near future there will be new pipeline...for pulmonary hypertension, and high blood pressure. Then there isa strong possibility of creatng a SUPER WEIGHT LOSS drug combo with Bel-phen,, Not to mention other uses for Belviq like Type 2 Diabetes. So no big del about how the market looks at 12 weeks of sales. What a joke you are.
        You are the one who missed the boat.

    • TG, It is all revenue dependant, and that tied to investor expectations. I have been long this stock for quite a while. Been in and out a few times trying to average my cost as share price fell.
      I was in before product launch, and I expeced that sales would be very high and revenue margins would be higher per prescription. My expecataions were out of line. I didn't see some of the barriers. Real world experience is a good teacher.BUT, I have no regrets at all. Realistically, Belviq has only been for sale for one quarter, and so Belviq revenue and sales are doing quite well. And script sales are on a steady rise. Bashers have made sure there is no fluff in the share price. If anything, shorts are the real Areniacks. Shorts are speculaing wildy in the wrong direction, imho.
      I think this,, it has been 1 quarter. Give it a year or two and see what happens. If the price doesn't rise by then, sell. If it does rise substantially it also might be good to sell. That is what the heck is going on, imho.

    • What it is ain't exactly clear.
      Starts when you're always afraid

    • Its sinking because its widely held as well as being heavily shorted. This creates a volume vacumn, Retail longs are the wild card. They own a documented majority and they don't trade because they own from the dollar days. Thats half the shares out of circulation.

      Then the tutes own almost half of shares. The tutes are also not trading BUT they are loaning the 30% (65 million shares a month... every month) to short sellers who appear to be doing great if they cover.

      But if you look at the volume, not many are closing out. Pure physics says if nothing big happens the price drifts down. I'm long and keep adding because the stock only looks cheap until suddenly everyone need shares. Insurance, Bel Phen Europe and Advertising can change that in faster than you can buy in or cover ,,, Nice soft bash

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