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  • mrmrsrsmm2 mrmrsrsmm2 Sep 17, 2013 11:19 PM Flag

    If all the postings that say:

    BOUGHT MORE ... BUYING MORE TOMORROW... were true, this stock would fly. Id bet 99/100 dont buy a single share when they post it.

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    • They are rad dogs high schoolers thinking they are kings of Wall Street, HF, Penny Swingers, Day Traders, They all have subscriber to swing pennies and make money. Vultures come in all sizes and many breeds until authority of our government catches them and it may be coming closer. SEC is after big boys because small punks from the boiler room are with empty pockets. But they are like roaches that need extermination. They Hardly make money on penny swinging on their day tradem at the end of the day couple of dollar to by thmeselves a Joint. ARNA is far more in better shape then VVUS and OREX. VVUS is history and Orex will need lot more cash and time to carry on. In my experience Orex may give up. Orex is a media pump up not science, it is a same old generic cocktail, ARNA is in and it will take time. Everyone want to see a small plant to grow Tree in a day and it will not happen. Plant is healthy and it will be one of the best Tree grew in the Pharma industry. Also ARNA is evergreen tree that is growing like pine.

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    • It takes a lot of buyers when all you buy is 10 shares at a time. As we know this board is run by big winner sub 2 dollar retail longs

    • Long retails are buying very small lots at market. These sales do not drive prices. It will take more 100K plus purchases at the asking price to drive up pps. I have bought more shares at these sub $6 pps and do not expect to see a change in price as a result. I usually buy at market for the number of shares I can afford do not warrant placing a limit order below market.


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      • That's exactly what I do.......150 / 300 / 500 shares depending on current cash from dividends. Sometimes on margin replacing the cash the next day or two. I hold ARNA in two accounts, Scottrade, and my major brokerage account. Scottrade allows me to catch the falling knife adding cheap shares.

        I am well above water in both accounts. If they test $5.50 I will be ready as I have ample margin money available in Scottrade.

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