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  • sauve9 sauve9 Sep 25, 2013 8:57 PM Flag

    WCPO Cincinnati

    Has a story on Belviq quoting Dr Vig.
    One problem is graphic shows Belviq blue pills but prescription bottle says Qsymia.
    The article says nothing about Qsymia but there's the bottle.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Tried posting the link a couple different ways... Yahoo sucks these days..

      Go to Google and type in WCPO Belviq the story pops up.

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      • Watch it, you will be glad you did. Also, shows the resistance of many doctors. Once enough have been on it and start showing great results with no major issues the will start scripting it.

        In the report out of 12 doctors talked with only one was scripting it... That is the key right there to slower scripts and slower adoption. But again over time that will turn our way.

    • you just can't get away from Qsymia...

    • I live just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. The feature (on balance) was pretty good. Carol Williams (the reporter) mentioned "how expensive" it was at the end.. but it wasn't too bad. Dr. Vig was like the "star" of the feature and not just quoted. He did a great job at explaining the impact of it. The WCPO feature also showed two doctors around here too lazy to look into Belviq. "It's too new, safety profile..." the one doctor breezily dismissed. (Bet their patients are impressed that they do so much research).... Ohio and Kentucky (which Cincinnati borders) are tied for 7th fattest states in the 2nd fattest country. "No doctor around here is prescribing Belviq". Sigh. Yeah, diet and exercise work so well here. Just wait guys... the fact that this even got onto WCPO will have folks asking questions.. and getting their doctors to get off their #$%$ and do some research.. just like the good Dr. Vig is already doing.

      I think that we have seen enough examples of people demanding things as a result of awareness. The three patients in the feature made a compelling case. GIVE IT TIME!!

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      • Does anyone have a link to the story? Would like to view it.

      • Until Cincy area people were notified of it through this news piece, that area apparently would not have had many more scripts, soon. So even if the vast majority of the Cincy docs and people remain skeptical and/or cautious after this news segment, we can reasonably predict that because of it airing (the news segment) the Cincy area will have many more Docs receiving questions from patients "I'd like for you to look into Belviq for me as I saw a news piece on it recently. Have you heard of Belviq?" Additionally, some patients are sure to insist that his/her doc prescribe it. The point is not everyone who watches this news segment will continue to be, or remain, afraid to give Belviq a go. Arena picked up some B scripts in the next couple of weeks in the Cincy area from this news piece. This is positive exposure overall that will lead to cultivating more scripts, quicker than without the news piece, in this area of the USA. That's the way I see it.

      • Wonder how much Eisai pays Dr. Vig? Did Dr Vig disclose his financial conflict to the audience?

      • The Doctors aren't going to be the gatekeepers here. The practices that look into new ways to treat obesity will gain share. People can do their own research.

    • There is an email listed for the author. I just emailed her. Are you in Cincinnati?

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