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  • beenlonging beenlonging Oct 1, 2013 11:07 PM Flag

    Stop kidding yourselves & wake up. This stock touched 4s today!!!

    What more proof do you need. On its way down, you guys kept saying "Added more" Its time to move on. Accept it! I was long and closed my ARNA position @ 10.20s. Once VVUS was granted the rights to advertise and sell at local retail Pharmacies- I was out! Alot of investors here got caught up with some of the lies that were posted on this board. They lost money. Stay focused and never fall in love with a stock.

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    • That sounds more like an advertisement for a sale than a warning. Thanks.

    • You confused those of us that know what they are doing with those that don't! So, go back to the fairy land you came from.

      P.S. It may go to 3's before the stock transfer is complete!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I bought large amounts of BCRX, DANG, RENN, CHTP and HTM this year after they made large drops just like ARNA did, and they all dropped at least 30 or 40% more as I averaged down. On all of them I got some shares at or very near the bottom but my average were bought 20% to 30% higher. Pull the charts and you'll see I made 60 to 300% on my money on every one of them within a few months.! So why care that this went into the 4's - it was a gift and you should have been buying. I was!

    • then move on one here will mind.....and no one here is kidding themselves....if you re not a believer you re absolutely right..... time to move on......problem with your hypothesis is most of us here are very much believers ....many have been on the drug and experienced Ist hand the dramatic effect it has had on their eating habits/cravings etc and no better advertising exists than seeing with your own eyes or hearing with your own ears ........this undoubtedly is a drug which will save untold lives ,the healthcare industry billions of dollars in health costs and transform peoples very existence for the better.....all with no adverse risk.....and the rest of the world will demand access to it as well........if you were so concerned with us all losing money why were t you here telling us when YOU sold out ........why tell us at the bottom ......UNLESS of course you have another agenda like trying to buy back in at a discount

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