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  • sp500chartdotcom sp500chartdotcom Oct 3, 2013 10:07 PM Flag

    Need help buying and selling a used car

    I want to buy a used car and I am also selling a used car. Here is what I plan on doing.

    The car that I am selling is not in very good shape. However, I am going to polish it up and say a lot of great things about how many more miles it should be good for. I want the buyer to step up and pay top dollar for my old car. I will gloss over the bad engine seals, the worn disc brakes, the rusted undercarriage and electrical things that stopped working years ago. I will have the car looking good and my words will be full of praise. I will spend 150 bucks to have it detailed and pass the mechanical defects on to the buyer.

    The car I am buying is in very good condition. But, since I am BUYING this one, I am going to point out every fault. I will go over that car with a fine tooth comb, demand the owner produce ALL records of maintenance and repairs. If the tires are not new then I will point that out. I will activate every switch on the dash to make sure it does what it is supped to do and if something is not working then I will not be sheepish about pointing out these defects to ensure that my seller starts to come off his price.

    So. The car I am selling is a collector's dream and spent no time in the shop. The buyer will be made to feel LUCKY that this deal just fell into his lap. The car I am buying is a POS that I MIGHT be kind enough to take off your hands for about 60% of what is being asked.

    Any of this sound familiar?

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