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  • hhabana2112 hhabana2112 Oct 16, 2013 12:31 AM Flag

    MD Say No to Belviq

    I was driving with my real estate agent last Sunday, an older gal. She's a bit heavy and I had told her to ask her MD about Belviq. Told her a bit about the drug and she jotted the name down. This last Sunday she says her Dr. reviewed the medication and said it was similar to a past drug (I'm assuming fenfluramine) and was worried about cardiac effects. I told her to tell him that I said he was wrong and that were extensive studies to verify that this medication did not have these adverse side effects. She said the MD preferred a lap band and had an MD he recommended for this procedure ($$$). I told her I felt this was a poor choice considering that she is over 80 years old and why would you do an invasive procedure when you can pop a pill? She said the MD felt that folks will gain weight once they stop the medication. I said this can be true, but you're expected to try some lifestyle changes like not eating like a pig, eating healthier (veggies and fruits vs. french fries and chocolate shakes) and gradual exercise. She said she was going to think about it. This is what Eisai is up against. I'm glad they're upping to 400 reps, but hey really need to "direct" these patients to MD's (like Dr. Vig) that are educated about Belviq. I think the DTC will help, but Eisai needs to utilize those MD's that are in their corner and send them the business. I will send a letter to Arena regarding this episode so that they can forward it to Eisai.

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