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  • persistdb persistdb Oct 22, 2013 11:37 AM Flag

    For Chartists eyes only... 9.70 coming

    Just get tired of shorts being the only ones who harp on 'Gaps to Fill'
    So let it be known
    ARNA has a HUGE gap to fill at $9.70...
    It's true, look it up.. I've actually been long since then.... (To be exact I sold around that 9.70 point and bought back when it hit around 8.25, and have been cost averaging since then).
    I have no doubt ARNA will be over 10 bucks... When? Maybe months, maybe a year or two... but I will wait as I'm convinced it is going to happen.

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    • aka trapped

    • really....? dream on delusional pumpers or put down the crack pipe.

    • that's right! Gaps to fill are like many of those self-fulfilling prophecies pervasive in the WS technical mumbno jumbo. Once the funds decide its gone too far down or they feel like using some of their fire power to bring up the pps, it will happen in very short order. I only hope the climb back will be as fast as it has dropped from 8 to 4 in a couple of months. What will trigger the rise is any news of approval from other countries or significant rise in script numbers given that print advertisements have been in place for several weeks now. And, although it is a wild card still, I can't imagine that EISAI is not considering buying arena since the pps has dropped this far and would only take 3B or higher price tag to ensure that they own this company!

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