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  • jdsstevens55 jdsstevens55 Oct 25, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    WalMart is where the numbers are at!

    Without Walmart numbers, the other numbers don't tell the true story....simple as that.

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    • I agree. In anticipation of getting my physician to write a prescription for Belviq, I price shopped the drug at Sam's, Walmart, CostCo and CVS. Because there are still too many insurance plans that don't cover Belviq, I believe that most patients are going to do the same thing. Sam's, Walmart and CostCo were by far the cheapest. Which of them report their data?

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    • I hope so, but I do have some concern that unless patients are proactively going to Walmart to fill knowing that out of pocket is lower, the average Walmart shopper is not necessarily someone who can afford $160 a month for a weight loss pill or just doesn't care and would rather stock up on Cheetos and slim Jim's.

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      • 4 Replies to tanis2476
      • Our cash price is $228.49. I don't use this product, but I'd gladly pay the extra 8-9 bucks to not go to Walmart. Went there last week (twice in 1 week, buying something and returning another and this is my personal world record shopping there)and I think padidng those IMS numbers is adequate. The IMS numbers as someone mentioned here is just for trends, not preciseness.

      • Tanis , not to be unfriendly here but as I read this I find that maybe you assume that folks that shop at wally world may be ones that cannot afford belviq .. Ive seen this same kind of thinking posted on this board before and I must say I simply don't agree .. Im no fan of walmart , actually I don't like the way they do business - however I do shop there simply because they have most of the things I need in one place .. I can afford to shop anyplace but wally world is just easy ..... another lesson I leard in my 27 yrs of being in a small retail biz is that you cant judge folks -- I was in a retail setting where I sold cars and once had a older gentleman come in the store that didn't look like he could afford the gas for a car much less the new 50k suv he was walking around ,lol .... Well, none of the salesman we had in the store that day would go talk to the guy but I did .. This fella had seen an add in the paper we were running for 36 month zero financing and he said he was interested in that .. We took his application and he failed the credit check ,,, so when we told him that he said ok well ill still take the car and that he would be back in a little while -- I assumed we would never see him again ... However he indeed did return and we sold him the car , all cash in 100 dollar bills !!! After talking to this nice ole guy for awhile I learned that he had never had any credit , but he did own 31 rent homes in our area ,lol ... I learned that day to never judge -- there are many folks that shop at walmart that are multi-millionaires but you certainly wouldn't know it from looking .... I do belive that walmart is selling a lot of belviq - how much I don't know -- but if they are just averaging 1 scipt per store it would be really good - 2 per store would be great and 3 would be awesome !!!! But one thing I can promise you -- wally world is getting their far share of this !!!

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      • edimartino Oct 26, 2013 11:42 AM Flag

        Tanis you miss the point we get filled at Walmart/Sams because it is the lowest price. for Belviq. You are assuming that people that go to those stores are shopping and that does not matter in the equation. Rember one thing fat overweight poor people and people who are not willing to diet and exercise are not our target audience. The demo graphics of Walmart customers have no bearing on people getting scripts filled atthose stores. Here is the fact B can cost from 222.06 to 265.87 cents tell me where you would buy the same exact pill.

      • I don't nornally shop Walmart but believe me if I have out of pocket for B I will shop the cheapest price. Makes no difference what so ever if I normally buy Cheetos or Slim Jims from them.

    • Getting on the approved drug list buy providers should be the primary goal, side-by-side with doctor education. Both efforts are the winning combination, and that is exactly what Eisai is doing as our partner. Instant results are a fools dream, and not a reality.....Jack Lief picked a qualified superior partner to do the job. Following weekly scripts is fine, but it's like watching your kids growth......when grandma see's them in six months she will say, "Oh my, the kids sure have grown since your last visit." Have patience, rest with the knowledge your kids (EPS values) are growing. Not one basher can dispute that EPS are not growing for Arena Pharma.

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    • In a report carried out by IMS Health on How the Pharmacy Industry Changed it states in the report that “Chains won big again, growing six times faster than the overall industry”.

      Walmart for example.

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    • I think you are quite right jds. Since sales started out with low insurence coverege the averege user will tend be more aware of the price wich makes them go for lowest price. I guess ER will soon shed some light on this issue.

      nurse mmc

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    • Jim. You are 100% 15 day trial expires tomorrow.....I pick up my refill Saturday at Walmart.....notice all the a hole bashers went in hiding

    • that is where my friend has purchased his refills which are about 3 refills now. It is the cheapest so far with the 75 dollar discount it comes to about 150. Cheaper is better and there must be many more who feel and purchase that way.

    • honestly- who the heck knows what walmart brings to the table at this early pt in time. im not hanging my hopes on the hidden walmart data. todays data was notable move from prior weeks. eisai has to perform at top level performance, no second string efforts.........its got to be first class effort to get the DTC effectuated optimally and successfully. more week over week growth.........some exponential growth thrown what im looking for. of course the hidden walmart data will ONLY help. but to put a number on walmart is not fair nor reasonable since belviq is just being commercialized.

    • Been sayin this for a long time --- I realize that the ims numbers are susposedly padded 30% to cover those stores that do not report to ims -- its simply my theory that the 30% overage will not cover what wally world is selling in their 5600 stores .. We all know they are the cheapest place to buy and in my world the cheapest always does the most biz -- simple as that !! If each wally worls store only sells a cpl of scripts on average this thing is way off and our quarterly report will reflect it in more revenue than expected .... !!!!

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