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  • steveh8000 steveh8000 Oct 26, 2013 7:15 AM Flag

    O'Bummer Care Coverage Question

    The following paragraph is a copy/paste from IMS Health web site section on strategic marketing analysis for bring new drugs to market for clients.....• The payer must be considered as a critical part of product valuation and development & marketing strategies: − Market/competitive environment can no longer be considered the key driver for product success. − Strategy achievability must be considered from a payer perspective.

    In other words, they clearly place the health care payer system for drugs at the very top of the pyramid for success of a new drug candidate, and they illustrate that in a graph outlining the new dynamics of health care vs. the old model of health care. Since O'Bummer care clearly is the model going forward with 5 options, and other outside plans modeled after those requirements, it is obvious to me that if O'Bummer care on the government level is going to cover Belviq in the weight loss list, Type II diabetics, and other medical implications later to be label approved I.E. Belviq-Metformin, or Belviq Fen combo's.......then In my view we are holding a Pot-O-Gold as an approved drug being covered in the entire system for the USA. At that turning point of health coverage acceptance mass volume of patients has the ability to dictate a lower price point. To gain access to the keys to the kingdom (O'Bummer Care Drug Approval is the Key) and a mandated price for the drug coverage may be the trade off for that massive coverage group.

    This case for success would clearly apply to the EU with Social Gov. Health Care systems.
    Comments, Opinions, Educated Health Guru's are welcome......Basher's not welcome.

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    • You all are being hoodwinked by Obummmer reid palossiee....Odummer care will fail and in its place will be a one payer system, the govt.. this is what they are after, young people will just pay the fine and all know it..One who have been signing up so far are ones who have pre existing or want medical/medicade...This odummer care is BK already if you dont get the healthy to pay in...Either way it will benefit arna because the almighty govt with the chosen one will tell people HOW to live...Obummer wants insurance companies out of the way, gone, out of the health care business..They will have to price their policies so high nobody will be able to afford, then in comes the savior Obummer and socialized govt care...Example: look how he uses the epa to destroy the coal industry with regs they cant even comply with..He is at war with oil also and favors greenies and the al gore thing..We are seeing the sneakie dems at it again...Odummer wont even approve the pipeline..Again arna will benefit at the cost of FREEDOM for America..That will fatten our wallets for sure but at a cost! transformation is at hand from the dems and the Kenyan who wont release his college records, sealed from view and this is the FIRST time in the U.S. history this was done...

    • vir249 Oct 26, 2013 9:56 AM Flag

      Agreed, Obama care is a godsend for ARNA..Comes next year a spike in scripts will be seen once Obucare takes effect and Arniacs will be rewarded big...$$$$$$$$!

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