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  • valueguy19 valueguy19 Dec 20, 2006 12:58 PM Flag

    Are we headed below 20?

    before we move higher...any thoughts?

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    • If you believe in fibanooci retracements for this stock, 19 could be the inflection point. The problem is you have all these potentially big announcements out there. Who knows when one or more of them might land at your doorstep? The obstacle of impatience should not leave you to abandon the goal on the other side, which is a favorable result announced either at Joseph or CRB. There are just too potentially a large stock mover to be played with at this time. If you believe in the story long-term, go enjoy Christmas and check back on Tuesday. Or sell-out and buy Rambus, a stock that could have equally good results in the new year. Elan is another that is going to have a happy new year. The news has to come soon whether you're in options or the stock or both. Wait.

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      • I'm a firm believer in fibanocci retracements. Nice reversal longs. Hope it continues up for you guys. It needs to hold 24 or you will probably see 19. Guys although i didn't make much on my shorts bc you talked me out of it remember technicals ussually are pretty accurate. NO offense to you other longs on this board, but I hope Luke lost a lot.

    • I'm not a wizzard, but I see a support line at 21. If that fails, then down to the 14/15 range. Thats a very rough tech. estimate. But this stock is all about the prospects at a couple of wildcat wells. If your not following them, go to <> register and put DPTR on "My Boards." There are posters on that board that are watching the progress in Utah. Look for posts from OILFNDR and sluicer.