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  • mellenium_wind mellenium_wind May 1, 2007 4:06 PM Flag

    Fifteen Minutes From Dog & Pony Show

    I can't wait.

    Get ready for some disappointment.

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    • Booo! No questions.

      The comedy show is over.

      Expect a big drop out of the gates tomorrow.

      $1.50's easy.

    • CFO: Financial conditions better than ever?

      HOW? Company has no revenue, no approved drugs and a bloated management salary structure. HOW?

      Carter to give us a stock is gaining traction.

      Dr. Rahal (Bobby Rahal, former CART champion?) Dr. Rahal is going to Idaho (be careful Imus) research west Nile Virus.....HEB has trial for Alferon on West Nile Virus.......He knows what the mosquitos are going to do. That is a new one. THIS WEEK!

      Carter presenting May 13 in Europe.....VACATION!!!!!! Then a road show........No need for cash!!!!!!!Be careful European investors......Carter to meet with MAJOR...MAJOR new collaborators......MAJOR - same level as JAPAN!!!!!!!!!

      HEB has joined DISTINGUISHED consortion.....Six entities and our beloved HEB. European Common Market....TRACTION and Rahal......

      HEB's sleeping giant - Alferon....HEB to the MOON!

      No freaking questions........Amazing.

    • "If the masquitos continue to do what we think they will do."

      That's hilarious.

      West Nile? Are we really serious here? WEST NILE?

      Where is the market for West Nile? That was what 2002? 2003?

    • Lost .33 per share vs. .24 per share last year.

      Ooops, going wrong direction.

      Maybe it would help if they had a product to sell. But wait, that's complicated. We'll get back to you on that one.


    • Objectives:

      1. Launching disease products is difficult and complicated.

      2. HEB is up to the task.


      Wow, did he sound relieved to turn it over to the CFO.

    • Shaking my head at Bonnelli. He is rambling on about marketing Alferon.....No one wants Alferon. Didn't another company basically give HEB the drug for free?

      Specialty pharmacy for Alferon....Promising template. Total Total BS. Sounds like I am listening to the Sopranos....No offense to Italian Americans. Per launch and launch strategies, actionable, traditional and non-traditional.........

      HEB wants to be the leading company in fighting CFS...right.....No mention of HEB by CFIDS of America this year. NaDA.

      Manage dynamics......reimburable issues.....for freaking what? Launch...what does HEB has a space division? Infrastructure...what...a launch pad?

      Market analysis
      Audience Development
      Market Access

      For what? Launch is ocmplex.....(hail storms?) HEB team is up for the challenge.

      Here we get the CFO........Pete.....

    • What a waste of phone charges.

      This call could have been held from 4:15 - 4:20. Or not at all.

    • Here we go...Hasegawa, Vienna, Ampligen as part of a Cancer vaccine. He encourages those with interest in Science. (Like JJ?)

      Actions smacktions. Range of new be announced in future quarters......

      Tony is going to talk about launching product....what product? Tony is pleased to be participating......What has he been doing for $400k per year? Advise.

    • Man, he'll hitch his wagon anywhere he can...

      Talk about searching for some credibility.

      He's trying hard to prove something through association.

    • Word of the day - 'Prestigeous'

      Maybe a drinking game we can play for the next conference call.

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