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  • mellenium_wind mellenium_wind Jan 12, 2009 9:20 AM Flag

    How The HEB Ampligen Scam Works

    Here is how the HEB Ampligen scam works:

    Dr. Carter has been promoting his miracle elixir for more than 30 years. He has claimed Ampligen is a 'possible' treatment for numerous ailments, including, but certainly not limited to various cancers, AIDS, SARS, west nile, avian flu, and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS).

    The latter is a true work of genius, because CFS symptoms resemble the symptoms of many other ailments and there isn't a clear diagnosis for CFS. In fact, many in the medical community don't accept CFS as a legitimate syndrome.

    Why is this genius?

    First of all, even if CFS is legitimate, it's near impossible to put together a human study containing a pool of patients who can be proven to have CFS and not some other ailment that is causing the same symptoms. As long as Ampligen isn't proven toxic, these studies enable HEB, and Dr. Carter, to string along study-after-study. Sure, they can't prove Ampligen is legitimate, but likewise, the FDA can't say that Ampligen doesn't work either, and this leads the FDA to simply request more-and-more data before they can make a ruling.

    In turn, this allows Dr. Carter to go back to the well time-and-again by requesting more money from investors to help prove Ampligen is effective. As long as the FDA doesn't out right reject Ampligen, Dr. Carter can make the argument that ground is being made toward approval. He then argues that in order to make further ground, his company needs more money and more time.

    So Dr. Carter talks someone into giving him more money. CFS is a great platform to use, because it's a nice shiny object to hang in front of prospective investors as an ailment for which Ampligen could possibly treat. After all, there are no other treatments for CFS, so if Ampligen can be proven as an effective treatment, it is sure to take the medical community by storm and become a cash cow in the future as an exclusive drug approval.

    In the meantime, Dr. Carter and his cronies take out huge salaries for basically doing nothing and then they vote to give themselves bonuses at the end-of-the-year for being such strong leaders. They make ridicules charges to the company for things like spa visits, and basically burn through all the company cash.

    Sure, the HEB leadership makes it look like their doing something important. They release press releases, they report on the various studies they are sponsoring around the world, they hold dog and pony show conference calls for investors, and they constantly set new goals; usually 6-12 months out from their previous goal. Everything is always 'promising', 'has potential', 'shows signs of', 'were very excited about', 'could be', 'should be', 'we expect to be', ect. But there are never any real results, and that is the core of the 30-year HEB scam.

    Sorry to be the spoiler. The card trick is never really that impressive once you unveil the illusion. Dr. Carter is just some tired old man performing his tired old tricks, and unfortunately for investors, those aren't dollar bills in his tip jar, they're million dollar checks.

    Will HEB go bankrupt? Probably not. When the CFS story has finally reached it's end, another ailment will come along, and the Ampligen hype machine will start anew.

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