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  • yanksgiantsjoe yanksgiantsjoe Jul 30, 2009 4:23 PM Flag

    Reality is: NEWS could come at anytime!

    Ya got to luv a slow bleed, buy the time, you get out your screwed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    • when you address a long, you address all longs, and the countless hours of dd that we have spent on heb. son, your foot is in your mouth, however, removal of foot from mouth is quite easy. go through this site and look at factual information on this company's product. i will only speak negatively about the companies management. interferon and ampligen are highly effective, broad-spectrum drugs. fda approval, phase III, statistically proven clinical trial results... and on and on.

      longs, phamra companies would probably agree that heb does not have have great management. its structure has not allowed them to alot the necessary focus on all of their pipeline products. Dr. Carter has fear of a hostile takeover. he made reference to this in the cc. why would you fear this? it all comes down to the bottom line: REVENUE!!! Dr. Carter" Ampligen is a valuable drug. its potentials have not been fully discovered. other pharmas are watching.

      other than that, i am a bagholder of about a grand but i will certainly hold and buy in heavily very soon.

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      • Very nice post, vperlla, and you have put into words what I have tried to say but somehow I think it missed its mark with some :)
        However, my choice, I wasn't willing to "hold the bag" but will be back in soon, it looks like.
        Agree that Dr. Carter is not a speaker but I do believe that Amp has a high chance of approval for CFS and I hope that it is approved for all those who suffer from a mysterious and crippling syndrome.
        The market is a gamble for us all...hoping that I will be a Hebbite on the day that good news is heard.

    • Do not Tell your masters to cover.

      We will bleed them dry

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