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  • inbounds7 inbounds7 Nov 3, 2009 12:11 PM Flag

    No credibility

    For months Dr. Carter has informed shareholders that the FDA had not requested any information. He affirmed this in recent presentations. The fact is the FDA had requested additional information quite a while ago and has since May been requesting additional information. HEB in yesterday's release cites the August 10Q to confirm that the FDA has been requesting information since the summer. It is interesting how they are now referring to a filing and saying we told you the FDA had issues. Dr. Carter appears to have misrepresented the nature of comunications with the FDA. The question is why would he do this. It could have been to offer stock at a more attractive price or convince shareholders to vote to increase the outstanding shares by 150%. If those were his justifications it is pretty stupid.
    I have found Adam F.'s hatchet jobs on HEB and other small bios disturbing, but I think he has got it right this time. Hopefully, Ampligen will be approved to assist CFS sufferers and not to make rich Dr. Carter or his accomplices to this deception.

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