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  • usazulu usazulu Nov 12, 2009 9:30 PM Flag

    22Mil has swine flue. 4K died ..wake up FDA

    You f!ckimg Moron FDA...

    swine flue is killing americans... and there is not enough vaccine..

    there is adjuvant amligen is available and can be taken with sesonal flue...

    wake you Moron FDA... Approve ampligen if you can't get enough vaccine..

    shame on f!cking FDA

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    • The problem is nothing to do with getting enough of the vaccine, the problem is they cannot get it out the door fast enough. If they now decided to start putting Ampligen in their cigarettes, I'm sorry I mean their H1N1 vaccine, then it would take significantly longer to get the product out the door because they would have to completely redo the processing procedures. Besides, any adjuvant they would use would come from GSK or NVS, as the government has already said months ago.

      They will not delay the process anymore. They will simply continue to produce what they have under the current procedures and get it out the door ASAP.

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      • Govt Priorities are on health care when people are dying with swine flue..

        Govt wanted green environment ..when 11% unemployed americans out there..

        Swine flue was notified by WHO year ago.. what this govt has done.. nothing..

        Now CDC doesn't even able to count how many really died ..

        we have emergency and our presidnet is visting Asia

        People are unemployed and Mr. Presdient is having parties in white house and get togethers and dances...concerts....

        what happen to shovel ready projects..infrastructure projects.. NADA..

        all that election promises what happen to them..

        Administration has declared emergency ..and telling wash your hands..with clenex..

        is that is the the govt for?

        why my 27 year co-worker has to die with swine flue leaving his wife widow..with just day notice not even he has chance.. to say his last wish..

    • HEB has not even gone to the FDA for permission to study HEB in humans for H1N1. And they sure as hell have not submitted an NDA for the indication.

      Wake up yourself. You are following a scam.

      HEB is a laughingSTOCK.

    • I am beginning to wonder if the FDA really cares or if there even is an FDA!!!

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