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  • hobbitfanhere hobbitfanhere Jun 7, 2013 1:22 PM Flag

    Ampligen Cost Recovery

    Since heb has received the crl, carter et al have not given any indication that they will do any new phase iii or safety studies. Why then hasn't the fda stopped the ampligen cost recovery? Ampligen is an unliscensed drug being sold to patients. If that keeps up, why bother with the fda at all? Maybe it's time for the new and improved, unliscensed ampligen 2.0 to be sold to patients with CFS or aids or warts or mental disorders.

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    • You make a valid point. Ampligen can be had today by anyone who is willing to pay for it.

      FDA approval would give Carter the opportunity to rape insurance companies (much like he does the company's cash) as they would have to cover the cost of the drug.

      Very few if any CEO's pay themselves a million + a year in CASH when the company has little to no revenue, they do take stock in the company, but Carter doesn't. HEB hasn't made a profit since the 80's yet the CEO is the 1%.

      And as you can see below, Hebmasterbator would rather correct your spelling. He is on the HEB payroll and would rather have CASH as well instead of company stock. He knows it's a scam, but it's his job to make people believe there are big things happening with HEB, which there isn't. Carter the CEO doesn't even show up anymore.... but pays himself 2700 a day EVERYDAY of the year. Who says scams don't pay?

    • hobbitfanhere demonstrates that he really has no clue as to how the FDA approval process works.

      HEB preys upon investors like hobbitfanhere.

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